Why having a Positive Mindset Matters – Hack your life with insights on fighting stress and staying balanced

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Meet Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, yogi, wellness coach and founder of the Vibe Tribe. Christina shares her insights on how to stay positive and balanced, and why having a positive mindset matters.

Cristina Lopez McLauchlan is one of those rare people who wakes up with joy each day. That joy stems from the fact that she has transformed her career into one that really does have purpose.

It wasn’t always this way, though. Before returning to New Zealand in 2016, she had worked in communications for the luxury industry in China. She had been away for a decade, and had been highly successful, but dissatisfied. “I wanted to create events and gatherings that focused on holistic topics for our own wellness and for the wellness our Earth. I also wanted to use my years of experience in the hospitality, brand and events to support purposeful businesses and brands,” she says.

Now, Cristina is a holistic wellness coach and founder of Vibe Tribe – a Hong Kong-based agency that helps ethical brands create conscious brand and communications strategies. And her joy stems from the fact that “I contribute and support people and businesses holistically,” she says.

How can the rest of us tap into some of that joy, and that positive outlook? Here, Cristina tells us how she fights stress, and gives us her insights into finding balance.

What do you do to combat stress and reconnect?

I get out in nature when I can – be it for a barefoot walk on the beach, a hike, a swim in the ocean. I like to connect to the pace of nature itself.

What are some little things people can do on a day-to-day basis to “raise their vibe”?

I’m a huge fan of meditation and breath work – they set the tone for the day ahead. It’s also important to nourish ourselves with whole foods and support our bodies with ample rest.

What do you think women need to keep in mind in order to empower themselves?

That women aren’t superheroes; that it’s okay to slow down and not feel like we need to do it all. That all that women are doing is enough… in the knowing of that comes empowerment.

Any tips for women balancing work and children?

 As I am not a mother myself, I can only come from what I know and through observing my friends who are mothers and working mothers. On planes, mothers are told to put their own oxygen masks on first. I feel that we can take this into our modern day lives: in order to be the best version of a mother and a woman, and also in order to deliver your best at work, you need to nourish yourself first. The trend is for women to put themselves last on the list, as it’s in our nature to give. As women, we need to apply moments in the day where we give back to ourselves.

Why is having a positive mindset so important for today’s workers?

The frame of thought is always a challenging one to set, though once we set our intention for the day and channel into that vibe, it supports our overall being – mind, body and spirit. I think it’s particularly important for women, because we wear different hats and play different roles.

Held on 1 April 2019, Cristina’s workshop was the final event in Campfire Collaborative Spaces’ women’s empowerment series, ‘She Can. So She Did.’ Cristina gave participants in the Camp Causeway Bay event tools for managing stress and shutting off the constant mental commentary through movement, meditation and discussion. A portion of ticket sales was donated to MIND HK, supporting those who suffer from mental health issues, while raising awareness of their plight.

‘She Can. So She Did.’ encompassed panel discussions, film screenings, workshops and more – all curated by women, for women. Kicking off on International Women’s Day, the series showcased some of Hong Kong’s most empowering and inspiring females, and it was the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Cristina’s Positive Mindset + Movement workshop was a beautiful, inspiring way to wrap up the series.

Find out more about the other amazing women who took part in ‘She Can. So She Did.’ by visiting https://campfire.work/blog/

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