What is Google DeepMind?

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Google DeepMind! It seems like Google is acquiring all the big games of the 21st century. Still wondering what it is? Well, Google DeepMind actually is an algorithm based learning system. A part of the software networking let’s you learn more about any topic.


Google DeepMind 

It is an exclusive accessory of Google which targets on (AI) Algorithm Learning. It works by using a branch of AI which is also known as the machine learning. To make anticipations this system involves formulations such as reinforcement learning and deep neural networks.


This particular system trusts on the data sets and the ‘machine learning process’ lets computers learn and set their rules which assist in making predictions.


Other practical applications 

Although it is widely known for mastering games, Google Deepmind has a lot of other practical applications as well. It is a great source to find frauds and Spam detections. This learning system facilitates in searching images, handwriting recognition, speech recognition, translation, and Street View detection.


Impressive reason behind Google DeepMind’s popularity 

It has impressive accomplishments in the world of gaming and also its learning platform has far-reaching implications. According to one of the famous announcements, electricity bills of Google have been slashed by DeepMind after accelerating energy-efficiency thus helping both environmentally and economically.


 How it can help organizations 

This machine learning helps organizations that want to improve their customer service. It gives a platform to capitalize its collection or data and improve customer relationships, enhance sales, and competitive task.


Google DeepMind has been authorized by the government and it has several applications in government, education, and business sector. It also enables to make a number of jobs in data labeling.


Origin of the application

The Machine Learning has been known since 1980s and has been in light from the later improvements. This part of Google uses neural networks to make predictions. Some of its major highlights are –

* 2010: England, DeepMind was established in London.

* In 2011, Google updated and created a deep neural network that used to determine and classify the objects.

* Facebook adopted and introduced a DeepFace algorithm in 2014 which was specially made to identify people in a group picture.

* In 2016, at the complex game platform Go, DeepMind program “AlphaGo” of Google gained a point over the world’s champion, Lee Sedol.


6 – How you could use it

You have a number of online resources for machine learning on Google. Various demonstrations of machine learning systems are available on Google. To incorporate this system into your organization, you can choose or utilize Microsoft’s applications such as Azure, Google Cloud Machine Learning, Amazon machine learning, etc.

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