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Technology is an ever-changing, always evolving thing. There are new technologies coming out every day with unique and updated features.

Corning introduces Gorilla Glass SR+, a protective glass for wearables

Corning has unveiled its new protective glass that is specifically designed for wearables. Last year, the company had announced that they were developing a new type of protective glass, which was dubbed Project Phire. The aim of the project was to create a material that offered better scratch resistance than Sapphire glass.

According to the company, Gorilla Glass SR+ is tested in a lab and the glass offers “scratch resistance approaching that of alternative luxury cover materials” along with 70 percent better damage resistance against impact. Further, the material is also said to provide 25 percent better surface reflection than alternative materials, which it says helps to extend battery life, and improve outdoor readability.

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Google may ditch Nexus branding from its upcoming smartphones

Google’s upcoming smartphones may not sport the Nexus branding, and may instead introduce a new brand. According to a report by Android Central, the two smartphones, which are apparently codenamed Sailfish and Marlin, may offer additional software and a “tweaked” interface over stock Android. The new phones are expected sport the “Google” logo on them, but the name that will be used instead of Nexus is not yet known. The same report also corroborates a story by Android Police, which stated that Google was working on two Android Wear devices. The two wearables are reportedly codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 to sport dual-rear cameras, iris scanner

Samsung’s next flagship Smartphone, the Galaxy S8, will sport a dual-rear camera setup, according to information leaked online. The Smartphone is expected to have two rear-facing cameras – one 12MP and the other 13MP. It seems that the 12MP camera may be Samsung’s own ISOCELL S5K2L2 sensor whereas the 13MP camera could be a Sony sensor. Details of the Sony sensor to be housed in the Smartphone are still unknown.

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is the only search app that goes beyond mere search. It basically helps you plan your social life. It helps you easily find, save, and do the best things by connecting community recommendations, rich content, and useful services. Vurb is a game changer because it overcomes the limitations of traditional search engines by making mobile decision-making a collaborative effort.

Vurb’s mission is to create a smarter, more connected digital world, empowering people globally to do more of what they want, all in one place.

Vurb touts itself as a tool for helping consumers decide what to do and who they want to do it with.

Vurb is currently available for iPhone in the Apple App Store, and for Android in Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

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SpaceX to reuse rocket for the first time to launch SES-10 satellite SpaceX successfully pulled off its first ever successful landing of its Falcon 9 rocket back in December 2015 and we have been waiting for the moment when it will be re-launched into space. According to current updates, SpaceX declared that the CRS-8 booster that was a part of the first successful Falcon 9 Sea landing mission will be reused in delivering the SES-10 telecommunications satellite. This marks a historic moment in the saga of affordable space missions, and we hope that the launch is executed successfully.

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