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By January 6, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Connecting the world in once place – that’s what Instagram stands for! It connects people with each other through a direct mode of communication on the Internet. It has become a big platform to daily communicate with friends and family. It has covered the world with a great popularity and has wisely come to a step ahead of Facebook in connecting people.

Instagram is a prominent part of today’s social media, which includes the complete world after witnessing each profile’s daily updates on the page. But are you aware of the fact that Instagram too demands a proper planning and execution to perform well and stay ahead of its competitors? Yes, it does!

Here are some quick tips to improve your Instagram feed. Take a look –

1- Use good images to update on your Instagram account

Photos or images play a crucial role in improving your Instagram profile. So, choose wisely the image to place on your Instagram account. The right photography reflects your approach towards creativity and life. Use only those pictures that truly represent your account on Instagram which you have taken from a well-defined camera.

2- To make a grand impression of your account on Instagram use outside sources to capture the perfect image apart from the Instagram App

There are multiple ways outside the Instagram which you can take to capture an image for an upload to your profile. The outside sources offer the perfect images with more options for crafting and editing. It gives a perfect frame to put on your profile in Instagram.

3- Take the best benefit of the ‘Golden Hour’ and ‘Blue Hour’ of the day

Whether you are aware of it or not – but the sparkling Golden and Blue hour still exist in this age. The golden duration of the day is best known for its largest and refreshing view which it offers to an image. This time of the day counts itself when Sun directly reflects its golden color into the face of the photograph.

Whereas, the blue hour represents the evening hue on the sky which spreads itself on the photograph and spread blue color on the sky. One thing that you must remember while clicking pictures is to hold your camera frame horizontally.

4- Generate a balanced community

Community plays an important role in creating a healthy environment for an individual. It shows what kind of people you have surrounded yourself with on social media, and also represents your selection of community. So always make sure to surround yourself with encouraging people.

5- Good posts and updating status

Good posts and status always put you in front of an audience and helps you share your with them. Good posts bring you in the eyes of people and which lets you shine and sparkle among the crowd.

Whether you are aware of it or not but everything you talk or share has a wider outreach and the ability to influence people situated thousands of miles apart. So, whenever you decide to upload something on your profile uses appropriate words to present your real opinions.



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