Twitter: 10 Do’s and Don’t

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According to data from Twitter, there are more than 288 million monthly active users contributing to the estimated 500 million tweets sent out per day. In fact, nowadays Twitter is the top social media platform. It is a great tool for conversations, building community & business, and finding the latest industry news. Having a Twitter profile does not mean you are a social media master. Here is a quick checklist of the 10 most important Twitter Do’s and Don’t to keep in mind while navigating the Twitter-verse.



  • Keep it short

Try to keep your tweets short as much as you can. Social Media scientist Dan Zarrella has found that tweets that are between 100 and 115 characters long are more likely to be retweeted. After all, longer tweets leave no space to your audience to engage with your content and add their own comments.

  • Engage with followers

Twitter is social medium and as such it requires a certain level of social interaction. So to build a strong Twitter community for your brand, you need to connect with your followers, retweet them, ask questions, and reply to their comments & complaints.

  • Tweet strategically

Make your twitter strategy. Try and be smart about your tweeting. Pick your content carefully, use sources that are trustworthy along with a well-thought tweet, and use hashtags that your target audience is using to target your tweets.

  • Tweet promotions

52% of people follow brands on Twitter for special offers and promotions. So it is most important to plan your content strategy carefully.

  • Tweet often

No one wants to follow someone who tweets rarely. So keep your account up-to-date and the conversation going.

  • Vary your types of posts.

You are what you tweet, so don’t let your posts be bland. Spice it up by including links, images, videos, hashtags, and mentions.

  • Be original

Be creative & unique with your posts. Show your personality and help people see what makes you different from the competition.

  • Use correct grammar

Grammatical errors can make a bad impression on your target audience. So spell your words correctly and do not use short cuts.

  • Live tweet

Live tweeting is a wonderful way to get involved in real-time happenings, give value to your account, and show that you are active.

  • Be respectful

How and what you tweet has a great impact on your company’s reputation. So it is important to think before you tweet and be patient in all situations.



  • Overuse hashtags                                                                                                                Hashtags are a great tool to reach out to the new audience but this doesn’t mean that you should use them all at once in your tweets. So always keep in mind that the more the hashtags, the less with engagement for your tweet.
  • Be self-centered                                                                                 Promotions might be one of the reasons why people follow a brand on Twitter but on the same hand, your content should have the variety to keep a balance between self-promotion and content created by others.
  • Don’t be shy                                                                                                                 Your profile image, header image, and bio provides a first impression when people visit your Twitter account. So don’t leave any profile space empty to miss out on the potential of any section.
  • Don’t be a showoff                                                                                                                 Give Twitter users your features &benefits and let them know about special deals only. Don’t try to overburden your tweets.
  • Don’t connect with everyone                                                                                             Just because someone follows you, doesn’t mean you have to follow them back. So think deeply before you follow back.
  • Privacy Settings                                                                                                                  Don’t forget about privacy settings. No one wants his/her twitter account to fall into the wrong hands. So taking care of the privacy settings includes protecting your passwords. Select a password that is extremely unique and assign it to only selected people.


  • Don’t be spammy

Nobody likes spam, whether it be email or social networking. Just don’t do it! If you are constantly posting the same information over and over or inundating your followers then you could become an annoyance and could lose some of the followers you’ve worked so hard to attract.

  • Don’t make spelling mistakes
    •  Everyone has done it at some point during his/her time on Twitter. But it is very important to pay attention to your grammar and spelling while posting.
  • Don’t be so automated
    • You can lose the personal touch with customers if it sounds like a computer is speaking to them. So “Humanize” your brand to make the engagement experience for the customer more personable. It can be a great way to build valuable relationships and encourage people to share your content in return.
  • Don’t Overtweet                                                                                                                     
    • If you are using Twitter as a 24/7 or whichever method you choose, make sure you are not tweeting too often.

These are some do’s and don’ts you have to keep in mind while using twitter. So now it is clear that Twitter is a casual way to interact with customers but like everything else, it has its own set of rules.

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