Travel preparations for your digital nomad journey

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Being a digital nomad is becoming a feasible, and accessible option for most. If you’re looking for more freedom, autonomy, and a break from the increasingly ineffectual, and dreary 9 to 5, here is a checklist of 5 things you should have to be ready to live as a digital nomad.

1) Prepacking preparations

Before you jet-set, a quick checklist to make your travels smooth.

– Passport validity.

– Visas to the country you are visiting, here is a comprehensive guide here.

– If you haven’t already, load up on your jabs and shots, don’t skimp on your travel vaccinations.

– Insurance, check out World Nomads or listen to some advice from others in regards to this issue.

A jetlag guide.  


2) Your tools for the road

“The world is your office” is a common theme that digital nomads sum up their lifestyles, these are the tools you’ll need to pack.

– A laptop.

– An unlocked mobile phone, switch SIM cards on the fly or check out global SIM solutions.

– Spare cables and power banks.

– USB ethernet adaptor, for when you have a dedicated, plug-in internet connection.

– Extra flash drives, or hard disks for backups and file transfers.

– Universal power adaptor.

– Headphones with a microphone for your leisure and for tele/videoconferencing.

– Water proof rain cover for your bag.

– Water canteen.


Pack sensibly, more so if you’re in for the long haul.

Pack light, travel easy, take the essentials


3) Work prep


Here are four main considerations before you dive into remote working.

– Do you have skills that are digital nomad friendly? Compare your present competencies with these 25 possibilities.

– Are you using the right platforms to start sourcing for work? Another 32 online sites and sources for you to scour through.

– If you’re looking for remote work that is non-technical, check out Modern-Day Nomads.

– Does the destination suit your budget and tastes? Nomad List gives a very detailed breakdown. Especially helpful for time-zone sensitive projects, where having a 12-hour lapse works to your advantage.


4) Lodging and working


Now you’ll be wanting to find places to live, co-live, and cowork, this will get you started.

– Asides from AirBnB for accommodations, take a look at CoWoLi, and NomadHouse for your co-living needs.

– As the world begins to take a page out of coworking to be the new standard of how we would approach work, Coworking Wiki is a huge resource, gives a good balance for coffee and wifi, Coworker is a good database for people looking for and providing coworking space.

A good coworking space is crucial, serving as a hub, working space, and base of operations for other businesses and digital nomads who will be great contacts for you.


More coworking statistics for you


5) Digital support for the digital nomad

Life on the road will see you relying a good deal on digital services, apps, and workarounds to make sure you’re always on your stride.

– Sort out your timezone issues with Time Zones for Humans.

– Group management tools that you can get your team onboard, from Trello, and Slack, to heavy duty tools like Asana.

– Too many apps, services, and passwords? Try Dashlane or LastPass help manage passwords across your team for easy access.

– Bank transfer fees bogging you down and looking for an alternative to Paypal? 5 alternatives to suit your needs.

Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox for your cloud storage needs, with the first 2 letting you leverage on cloud documentation to sweeten the deal.


Now that you’re done with your checklist, see you at the office!

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