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By August 8, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

The rate with which latest and new technologies are coming in the market is mind-boggling. The popularity of high technology continues to rise, especially when a few technology that we are looking forward to were released during the week.

When new technology comes out in the market, does your heart flutter and you start to obsess about it? Don’t worry, you are not the alone. Nowadays, there are so many new and creative technological innovations in the market, and it is perfectly normal to want to know about the latest technologies.

There is a diverse range of breakthrough technologies in the market. Some latest and upcoming technologies of the week are:

  1. Android Upcoming Version

As we all know that Android is the world’s top most operating system and Google is the platform for this new creation. Marshmallow is the latest version of the Android in the market which was released in last November. As per the latest news, NOUGAT 7.0 is the new updated version of the Android and Google is going to release this version in AUGUST, 2016. According to the search engine company, you can get Android Nougat now on your Google-powered phone and tablet, even though the official launch is not for a couple more weeks.

  1. Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality gaming is here in the form of Oculus Rift. This history-defining 3D headset lets you mentally feel that you are actually inside a video game. This is the beginning of the revolution of next generation gaming. And Oculus Rift is the first step towards this world.

  1. US Military’s Robotic Submarine Hunter

This is the world’s first unmanned ship. It has completed its first performance test at sea in this week. And it is set to join the US Navy in 2018 to hunt enemy submarines lurking in the deep. It is also called a ‘Sea Hunter’.

  1. Teeny Radar Antenna Tracks the Flight of Bumblebee

For the first time, scientists have tracked the flight path of Bumblebee. They equipped a light-weight transponder on a Bumblebee so they could track its path. This research is helpful to biologists to better understand the bee behavior. As we know, insects play a critical role in pollinating crops so this research is quite helpful to farmers that how to manage their agriculture by understanding their movements.

  1. First Re-programmable Quantum Computer

According to a new study, scientists have created a new programmable and re-programmable quantum computer. This is helpful to run complex simulations and produce rapid solutions to tricky calculations. Researchers have tested their device on many algorithms. This system is to serve as a test bed for examining the challenges of multiple operations and find ways to make them better.

These are some of the latest and popular releases of this week. As the technology advances, the size and the price of the devices come down, while the efficiency and capacity increases. This is a reason people stand in long lines to be the first to buy the latest technology. It is because new technology is always better than the older one in terms of features. Therefore, when old technology wears out and needs to be replaced or when something unlike anything before comes out, it makes sense to get the best technology possible.

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