Tesla’s Solar Panel Roof

By November 14, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Everyone knows that the sun provides more than enough energy every day all of which is wasted. But homes can hardness this abundant energy with the help of rooftop solar tiles. These tiles convert the sunlight into electricity for instant use. To make this a possibility, Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk has unveiled the company’s new product – roof solar tiles that produce solar electricity.


Elon Musk is encouraging solar-powered homes. In Los Angeles, he revealed the company’s latest project: ‘rooftop solar tiles’. This is a new concept with Tesla’s Powerwall home batteries. Tesla has generated four different types of rooftop solar shingles including ‘Slate Glass Tile’, ‘Textured Glass Tile’, ‘Smooth Glass Tile’, and ‘Tuscan Glass Tile’.


According to Musk, these roofs are supposed to last approximately 50 years. The shingles of these tiles are more resilient than normal roofing which is why they are hidden with a layer of tempered glass.


Musk did not say much about them. He didn’t tell about their energy generation, their cost, their prevention from overheating in intense sunlight, their repair and installation, and their availability in the market. The proper details of this product are not mentioned clearly but as per Musk, the cost of these panels will be less than a normal roof and electricity bill. They also generated the Powerwall 2. It is a new and bigger version of the Tesla’s home batteries with twice energy capacity.


According to Musk, it can power a house for a complete day. It consists of a built-in inverter. This inverter decreases the need of unwanted installation work and other equipment. There are many important things you must know about Musk’s recent reveal:


  • Extraordinary looking rooftop solar panels: Musk revealed four different types of glass panels which are interconnected with solar cells. From the street view, they are totally invisible. It is a unique and attractive creation of Musk. He chose the Desperate Housewives set at Universal Studios to introduce his new creation.


  • They are strong: At the time of his presentation, he displayed a video showing a fall test to demonstrate the strength of tiles. This video explained how these tiles are stronger than other materials. He stated that the material used in manufacturing the tiles is quartz and has a long lifetime.


  • Minimum sacrifice in efficiency: According to Musk, these glass tiles are 98% efficient like other rooftop solar panels. So they can generate the same amount of energy.


  • The roof is meant to complement the Powerwall: These tiles are created to work with Tesla’s Powerwall batteries. These Powerwalls can store enough energy to power an electric car and home.


All in all, it is a new production of Tesla. The roof tiles are excellent but most of the relevant details are unknown. According to Tesla, this roofing product will hit the market by summer next year. Tesla is planning to start this project with only one or two of its four tile options. And, then they will expand their options with time.

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