Tech Startups to Make Your Life Secure, Slick, and Stylish in 2017

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There is no doubt that last year was a mixed bag for startups. The e-commerce company ‘Powa Technologies’ which was one of the so-called startups of Britain (a unicorn valued at over $1bn), crashed hard early in 2016. The Pebble which was a wearable company in the US sold to Fitbit at a very low value. On the positive side, Finnish gaming company Supercell became the first ‘decacorn’ of the continent (a startup valued at over $10bn).

For some startups, this New Year is nothing but hopeful. Here is the list of companies which are hoping for the best result in 2017 which they can remember and enjoy for some time.


  • Thread: This is the fashion tech startup which is trying to short the issues of styling on a wide scale. This is a tricky method because the taste of every individual is different from others. This startup uses an effective way to pick the clothes for a number of customers efficiently at the same time.


This trick is a clever mixture of human stylists, tools, and assistant. All these tools work together to offer a collection and ideas of outfits as per the taste of every customer. It shows that each human stylist is able to offer five outfits ideas per week.


  • Monzo: This is a banking startup which was started in 2015. But 2017 is known as the turning point for this startup. This has been limited to what it can offer to its customers as per the banking regulations of British for the first 18 months.


But now, it should get a full banking license that allows it to work as the main bank account for people who want to transport their financial life over to a startup wholesale. The license can provide it an access to the direct debit and quick payments system which allows customers to pay their bills directly from their Monzo accounts.


Providing a license to Monzo will be beneficial to both users and the company itself.


  • Automata: This is the robotics startup whose background is in architecture. The founder of this company has worked for 10 years in Zaha Hadid’s studios. There, he learned the value of robotics for simple and repetitive tasks.


The cost of robotic services is low and the company is hoping to give the robotics its “iPhone moment”. In 2017, the company is moving its arm that it requires to carry out. These moves can be used to automate and perform the task. The company has settled an automating low-skilled and repetitive manual labor.


Rather than going for scale, the company is focusing on other smaller companies who love to automate their business but can’t afford the capital costs.


  • OnePlus: OnePlus was launched in 2015 by Carl Pei. This is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer company which was launched in 2013. This startup made its name in the industry within three years. Now they are known as one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. From March 2016, the company is serving 42 countries and regions.


In 2017, the company is hoping to acquire the third position in the global smartphone market. It is a big goal but the company is quite serious to fulfill it.


This is the list of startups that got famous within few years. Apart from this, all are hoping for the best in 2017 and looking further to increase their business and services all around the world.


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