Social change startups and why we need them?

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The social change startups have created a new world of opportunities in front of people who are looking for achievable ways to build better lives. For many people the internet is a mode of accessibility for accessing new technologies whereas for many it’s just a way to play online games. Anyway, this system has thoroughly brought a huge change in the lifestyle of people around the world.

The social change startups have urbanized people from various parts of the world. And have offered them a way to cherish the new lifestyles of these days.

Why we need them?

The simple answer to the question is ‘because it betters everyone’s life on the level of a society’. A simple startup positively works in favor of common people and gives them a social platform to gain knowledge and spread awareness.

It gives a personal mode to earn money which makes people financially independent through spreading their talents in the worldwide nations.

It brings a positive change in the society and also inspires confident and aspiring individuals to operate technology in new areas. It also gives a mode of change in the society and different start-ups complete different needs of the people as per the requirements.

Which are the various ‘social change startups’ working proficiently in the present world?

1- Bookshare

World’s biggest platform of copyrighted books, Bookshare is an online library for those people who are suffering from the print disabilities. The online association connects a network of non-profit advisors, a specific group of donors, corporate people, and the technicians with modern technology.

2- Life Lens

Any technology is good when it helps people build a healthy life. Life Lens is part of that helpful technology. This mobile application offers analysis of the blood samples to diagnose for Malaria. It makes the accurate study of the disease and sidelines false reports about the symptoms.

3- Freecycle

This is a global network of around 9 million people that collects free goods which are of more in the use. It’s a basic root and a non-profit step in order to make a happy society after donating the right stuff to disadvantaged people, who needs them.

4- Trustparency

It is a web podium which connects donors and receivers of the money on one platform. This transparent mode of website narrates the complete story to create an emotional attachment between the two sides of the trust (donor and acceptor). This brings a transparency in the funding system.

5- ZubaBox

This internet hub has been channelized by a solar-powered portal and avails a Wi-Fi connection to the poor countries especially in the African continent. It offers a ray of light to the dark corner of the world. Till now, the organization has distributed around more than 114,000 computers to the specific communities of the African continent.

A number of efforts have been initiated under the scheme of ‘social change startups’ to bring a positive change in the society. And these positive steps help make this earth a sustainable place for people around the world.

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