Are Smart Home devices still in their early stages?

By November 29, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

The past few years of the 21st century has taken the world of technology to brand new level. The smarter versions of modern tools work progressively to make each segment of daily life as easy as possible. The technologies across all niches are getting upgraded every season of the year; from winter, summer, autumn to the rainy season. Finer technologies have made everything easily accessible to us humans.

When we talk about the most common Smart Home Devices, we have observed a sea change of improvement in them over the last few years. Today, technology has allowed us to monitor each room of our home without being physically present there. There are several technologies such as home security operator, smart devices to adjust temperature, automatic access to lights and electrical devices in homes, which are in their early stages.

We could not claim that these home devices have not performed well as the world has been using them properly. But the reason for their still being in the early stage speaks that ‘these methods are not fully proofed’ till now. One cannot rely on them without any worries as it’s just the beginning of the 21st century. Though a lot of amendments have been made in past on the modern home devices but still the course of making them more advanced is in the process.

We could understand the reliability problem of smart home devices through a few examples. Let’s analyze the drawbacks that used to be eliminated.

1 – Connectivity  

The biggest thing that connects all home devices with each other to function properly is their connectivity. There must be a debugging system so that one can detect defects and resolve them accordingly. The observed problem in the house comes in the loop when one finds it hard to connect the proper Internet system. The proper functioning of connectivity results in rebooting the cable modems.

2 – The modern devices must have a secure home Wi-Fi network

As security is a major concern at homes the smart home devices must follow the secured patterns to work smoothly. There are certain loopholes in the Wi-Fi connection system in homes which must be minimized to challenge the early stage of technologies.

3 – Personal authentication of smart home devices should not be limited to one person’s Email or Gmail Id.

There are some devices at homes which can be connected to one person’s email. The modern dishwasher should not be bounded to mom’s id only. As one can need a dishwasher service at any time of the day and in the absence of moms, locked Gmail connection causes problems for rest family members while operating a simple dishwasher device.

4 – Automatic connection of lights falls in the poor signals of network

The automatic connection of lights with remote control has allowed us to turn on and off the electric systems of home just by being on the bed. But it troubles when the automatic connection fails because of poor network connectivity.

So these home device services need to be modernized/improved to perform better even in absence of connectivity. The early stage of smart home devices should pass in less time to enter into the matured state.

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