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Walk into any office tower and you’ll see one embodiment for every mood. This would-be hive, hushed by furious typing and blinkers signaling red, is what you might call a cluster of inertial or unresolved potential. Expressionless, unthinking faces are common fare and the stories are, for the time being, impending and uninteresting. In quarter sequences these manifestations are quietly replaced, “ranked and yanked “ so to speak – a machine undoubtedly built to accommodate cogs of equal size. Each node then commits to memory a looping script for the working interaction. Most are in danger of complaining themselves into longevity but now and in surging numbers many will take the bound into independency. By 2020, and in its broadest definition, 40% of Americans are expected to have regular freelance work. That is to say: offering professional services within self-defined constraints and liberties. Attempting to accommodate fastidious demand from corporations and the likes, the freelancer economy is here to stay, with it, come few professional and sociopolitical issues (rain on my parade why don’t you). Here are the 3 good feelings, and their anatomical counterparts, you experience when converting to freelance nomadism. in order for effect.


Though studies are in their infantile stage, freelancing has been linked to greater levels of happiness. The absence of an overseer and the freedom to structure your day are just two incentives for waking up with a smile.



Loneliness and a lack of feedback, now remedied by co-working, can wreck havoc on those with a preference for dependence



As the quest to meet demand for off-site talent becomes increasingly competitive learning to innovate becomes super hard



But when you do…



Freelancing used to be synonymous with a carefree attitude, it’s still that but with ambition:


The reason we got away but a little easier nowadays


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