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Opinions and experiences of people about remote working

Remote working is gaining quite the popularity among employees all over the world. It is establishing its industry standard with its expanding culture in the professional lives of working people.

In this era, remote work concept is becoming more acceptable than ever before. Working from home has grown by 79.7 % from 2005 to 2012 according to global work space analytics We have a number of examples of companies that are successfully using this concept.

Many companies show an immense increase in their sales once they made remote work part of their paradigm. There are several benefits to working remotely which you will read about in this post.

Let’s discuss a few virtual companies here and how they include smart remote working into their work schedule. But, before that let’s revise some quick benefits of remote working.

  1. It improves staff’s productivity
    • Remote working enhances your staff’s efficiency of working. Studies have proved that working from home results better than traditional working. Remote working phenomenon helps an employee to completely focus on his/her work, unlike in-office work.
  2.  People’s experience says they feel free while working from home.
    • People’s experiences from all over the globe directly reflect their happiness that comes from working from home. People feel good when they don’t have to travel every day and fight the traffic to reach office. It saves their time and energy.
  3. Remote working keeps employees in better health condition
    • Remote working helps your employees stay in better health conditions as it causes less stress in comparison to a regular office.
  4. Employees are more loyal to the company.
    • Loyalty is an obvious result of allowing your employees to work from their home place. Freedom of working from anywhere gives them a sense of satisfaction, which eventually makes them feel more grateful for the company. When employees feel grateful they automatically develop a sense of loyalty. And, loyal workers bring more productivity.
    • According to employee engagement in 2017 various companies have reported higher job retention rate.

These four benefits of remote working have benefitted the following companies below. Let’s see how these benefits play a critical role for these companies today. Many people wonder how a person working from a distant place could help in a company’s progress. Well, this article would definitely help them understand that. So let’s give them more stuff to wonder with below examples.

The distributed teams with progressive enthusiasm are as follows-

10Up – It’s new in the market, one can say, a young virtual company. The company has 60 members in its team. And these remote workers help in developing and maintaining the website from home. It hires staff for the full-time schedule on FlexJobs.

Mozilla: What are the chances of not reading this page on Mozilla Firefox? May be or May be not! But, what this confirms is the progress of remote working environment. Mozilla is a non-profit association of remote workers spread all around the globe. The company itself says “We have 13 global offices and people working in more than 30 countries. If you work best from home, that’s not a problem. We can support you anywhere.”

If Mozilla team is satisfied by its remote team’s performance, than who else could have problem with it? Right!

Articulate: Articulate allows its employees work from any place and anywhere. The company says “We’re distributed, and happily so. You choose when, where, and how you work. It’s all about delivering results.”

Automattic: Web-services Company Automattic is great example that has successfully incorporate remote work in its paradigm. It has 235 employees from all over the globe including 29 countries, 174 cities, and 36 U.S. states. Also, the company allows its employees to work according to their mood and accessibility. This helps them increase their productivity. It gives flexibility to its employees while working hours.

Buffer: Buffer, the outstanding company has already listed on their pages that “move or live anywhere” but just stay connected. Its valuable words say “You choose to be at the single place on Earth where you are the happiest, and most productive, and you are not afraid to find out where that is.” It’s a good step to encourage employees and increase their productivity.

Batchbook: This Company precisely focuses on its customer relationship and management. The company provides full support to its staff for working from home. It mentions just a few requirements for each of its employee for remote working that; “Must love the Internet, having a flexible schedule, and donut cake.”

Clevertech: This Company creates app for organizations and work from different workstations. It includes a global team for resolving global challenges. Its half of the team works from home and gives their best contribution to the organisation. They say “You understand the advantages of working remotely, have a good Internet connection, and some quiet space to video chat or share your screen.”

So, it was a detailed report on how remote working is attracting most of the digital companies. It has so many upsides that are helping people to work according to their will by becoming their own boss.

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