Remote Offices Pros and Cons

By October 26, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Whether you call it virtual work, offsite work or Remote Work, all names imply same professionalism. It simply speaks, depending on an employee who doesn’t surround you physically in your office. Confusing? We are talking about the current working mechanism of the modern world i.e. remote offices and its remote employees.

The 21st century has transformed the traditional working mechanism into a technical one. According to a prediction made by the known experts, by 2020 almost 50 percent of US population will be working as free agents.

This is like having a trustworthy, talented and dedicated employee, who functions all the vital assignments of your office but you have never met him or her. Instead, he or she is sitting miles away from your office on another geographical place but surfaces all your tasks with perfection.

But each thing on this earth has pros and cons and same goes with Remote Offices as well. And here is a list of pros and cons:



1- No distraction while working

The overhead conversations and frequent ringing phones with other things distract us from working dedicatedly. The biggest advantage of being a remote employee is keeping you away from various interrupting tasks.


2- Save Routine Motion to office

Time is valuable whether you put in personal use or professional use, time is much more precious than anything in this world. And after working as a free employee you really don’t need to dress up daily and travel miles to reach office on time. This is considered as a huge plus point as a lot of people used to waste more than an hour in getting ready for office and same in travelling to and from office. And after referring yourself as a free agent you directly save your precious hours.


3- Flexibility

It gives you the flexibility to work anytime and from anywhere on the globe. This is an obvious point for family persons and caregivers. You can work that meets your suitability you are not bound to work in specific time limits but only to the perfection in work.

It allows you to work on diverse subjects with the unique workforce from anywhere in the geographic sense. You can work for anyone in the globe; it brings new opportunities to grow your talent through your hard work.


4- No More Conference Room Meetings

You may have heard this complaint from a number of office workers that they often get stuck into the long hour’s meetings. This complaint is not going to bother you anymore after becoming a free agent.



1- Endless Work

Unlike office hours, you really don’t have a fixed timing for work which can bring out a two-fold transformation in your personality; either a lazy person putting things on next day or 24 hours active personality that would disturb your family life.


2- Your Creativity at Risk

Though a homely environment makes things easy for you to work but the lack of office air may cause you fall on deaf solutions. Office colleagues and your boss suggestions or feedbacks during each breakage can bring out the real you, while at home you can find a lack of feedbacks.


3- You mind might get limited with technology

Though office needs your fixed hours but here you are completely vulnerable to technology. At home, you become less connected to Internet access, remote access, new practices, and software.


4- Security Risk

While working as a free agent you need to be more concerned about security issue whereas in office your work automatically gets secure and become authenticated.

Having gone through the aforementioned pros and cons, you may have understood whether you should adopt the trend or continue with the traditional office set up.

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