The Quick and Dirty Guide To Creating a Wining Pitch Deck

By January 24, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

How many have promised you to make the perfect Pitch deck of your business? Surely many! But, what we have noticed so far is the ‘daunting process of making a guide come pitch deck’. The entire process which a guide should talk about becomes the web in itself and ultimately fails to give the complete and right information of the business.

There used to be many loop holes in the earlier pitch decks which must be overcome by time.

First of all, let’s understand the meaning of this Quick and dirty guide to creating a winning pitch deck. This is a process of one to one talk between a viewer (consumer) and a business through graphic presentations such as PowerPoint.

And a good pitch deck must include the below points-

  • It should be informative and attractive.
  • Must include a strong hand of business models plus research data.
  • Experimental study must exist in the commentary terms and conditions.
  • Contains direct and clear objectives of the firm or the organization.

To be more precise for the subsequent requirements about the pitch deck, we have categorized few steps in further readings.

1- Your pitch deck must discuss the problem which might be affecting the growth of your business. It should ask what the problem is and how they can be solved and research work about the problem. To elaborate this in detail you could also prefer some examples.

2- Solution

Keeping in mind that every problem has solution start your work and search out the right solution of the problem.

Search for alternatives and reasons behind their failure. Also make better analysis of the solutions and see if you can make better plan!

3: Traction

This step should talk about how your business is doing and is the applied solution worthy for it or not? Though many are unaware and nonchalant about this step but everything matters when you want to lead a business successfully.

4- Product 

Always remember to attach the profitable benefits of the company and other subsequent offers of the business. Mention your good products into slides and arrange them in proper order.

Also include how your product works and how it benefits the customers.

Apart from the above features you must include a good post about the business model, market size, finance and how your team works.

All these above points will help you in making the right structure of your business model. These points will help in designing a better business plan for your company.

Remember do not misunderstand by considering the above steps as a good pitch deck plan, as this is just for reference.

Use the positive facts of your business in your business’s favor and do get the best benefits of a better pitch deck.


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