Positive Thinking Could Get in the Way of Your Goals

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Positive thinking has become a necessity of this running age. These days, our world has been surrounded by many negative thoughts. And, this is where positive attitude helps us to stay motivated and helps us grow day by day.

It’s high time to stop your daydreaming approach and use WOOP policy. The solid WOOP with wonderful 4 (Wish, outcome, obstacle, plan) will help you attain a victorious career.

A human speculates the best outcome of any input in his own business. And, this is an acceptable fact in the case of any human being; the benefit of being human! It’s a normal human behavior and the real problem takes place when one does not show such positive concerns. And, then he needs some tips on how positive thinking could help him to get his desired goals.

Daydreaming could harm your future. How? Spend a day in fantasizing without execution and you’ll realize it yourself. One must remember that only good practice of valid plans will help him to accomplish his goals.

Here one statement insists us to state it right now. A professor of psychology at New York University, Gabriele Oettingen told an entrepreneur that, “The more positively people think and daydream about the future, the less effort they put into realizing that future”.

Oettingen is the world has widely known for his Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation. This book says “As pleasurable as these thoughts and fantasies are, they detract from mental and physical health”. “They are a kind of a burden for success.”

Daydreaming leads a person on the wrong path. It lets a person enjoy the false possibilities to achieve the desired goals. Oettingen explains this situation as a state of relaxing and not working state. “What you find then is that the energy goes down, blood pressure goes down. The problem with that is if your energy goes down when you positively fantasize about the future, then you will not be able to put in the effort that is necessary to implement it.”

According to Oettingen, the only solution to deal with such daydreaming is WOOP. She installed this WOOP solution to guide people to walk towards the right direction.

Let’s understand WOOP in detail to discuss its true meaning.

The first step out of the four is; Wish-

Wish– One must think what one ultimately wants to happen in one’s life. The wish could be small or big depending upon your future plans. Give words to your wish and put them in your mind.

Outcome: Consider the possible outcome of your future plans. And ask yourself how worthy your outcome could be? Keep everything straight into your mind.

Obstacles: The must step. Analyze your path’s obstacles and think what’s holding you back and preventing you from attaining your future goals? Oettingen says that one should imagine all obstacles to attaining success.

Plan: Analyzed everything? Good! Now make a suitable plan to make your wish come true. Keep alternatives of your plan in your pocket.

Have faith in Oettingen’s words that say, “When things get stressful and the challenges come, it keeps you down to earth.”

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