Why pop-up shops are the new trend?

By November 21, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

There is no limitation of strategies and trends in the retail marketing that marketers can try out. Smart strategies when collaborated with unique ways can together open new door of opportunities in front of businessmen and startups.

One such trend of today’s business world is called ‘pop-up shops’ or also known as a pop-up store. This trendy version of business has been appreciated in Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, and in the United States of America. But, have you ever thought why this trend is picking up fame so easily? Well, here are the details about the long-running approach of pop-up shops.

To explore more about them, we first must know what exactly are pop-up shops? These are basically temporary shops that benefit a business of any seasonal and demanded product in the market. The short-term business usually works for a small duration and include products from toy industries, art, fashion, food, gadgets, and more.


1- Here are some special details of the short-term Pop-ups 

  • Duration – These shops typically last anywhere from 1 day to 3 months.
  • Whereabouts – These shops rest around the high foot traffic areas like malls, busy streets, and city centers.
  • Cost – Quite reasonable and inexpensive as compared to the traditional stores.
  • Use – Helps create awareness, assist in moving inventory, and introduce new and trendy products.


Benefits of the Pop-up shops

2- Direct conversation with your consumers

This innovation and likely business allow you to directly communicate with your customers. This helps you to build a strong relationship with your consumers and generates a trust factor between you two persons.


3 – Reasonable

As the pop-up shops are temporary and usually smaller in size, this feature allows them to cost lower on contrary to the traditional products. This results positively for people after allotting them the reasonable prices which are beneficial for new businesses.


4 – Short duration of business

Short-lived businesses such as pop-up shops are a discreet approach to marketing and selling. As many businesses work on long-term agreements this pop-up shop brand believes in short term business with fixed span of time. This also means that the short-lived business is ready to take on the challenges of marketing plans quickly. This plan could be started when there are probabilities of high sales and could be closed when there are slower sale rates.


5 – Who can begin pop-up shops?

The simple and straightforward answer to the question is – everyone. Big industry names such as eBay, JCPenny, Gap, and Target stand testimony to the success of hosting pop-up stores.

It brings a great opportunity to fashion designers, vintage houseware, mobile trucks in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

So these are the reasons for why this new trend is becoming the latest marketing strategy.

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