Photography Studio For Hire in Hong Kong

Photography Studio For Rent Hong Kong

We’ve got you covered.

If you need a fully equipped photography studio in Hong Kong for rent, perhaps for an upcoming event or a project you’re working on, we’ve got just the amenities to help.

Our location: Campfire Wong Chuk Hang, Remex Centre, 5th Floor, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Road, WCH, Hong Kong

* We are a 5 minute MTR ride from Admiralty, Hong Kong Island.

How Do I Book It Or Make An Enquiry?

To learn more about our Photography Studio and the how you’ll be able to hire it please hit this link.

Our hourly rates are not only reasonable but flexible too.

What’s included?

Our photography studio has everything you’ll need to shoot your project.

Here’s an overview of the equipment our studio has (all included within the hire of the studio):

    • D1 Air 1000w heads (perfect for Monolight)
    • D1 Air 500w heads (perfect for Monolight)
    • D1 Stands Light Stand
    • Several White Umbrellas
    • Profoto Air Remotes (ideal for Camera Flashes)
    • Multiple sizes of Profoto RFI Softbox Front and Inner Diffusers
    • Profoto Zoom Reflector 65-110
    • Profoto Grid Kit 5′, 10′ & 20′ including bag
    • Profoto Softlight Kit (Softlight White, 2.5′ grid and diffuser)
    • Profoto Grid & Filterholder Diffusers)
    • Profoto Snoot for Spotlights
    • Manfrotto 1004 BAC Light Stand lighting support needs
    • Manfrotto 272B Adjustable Core Pole
    • Manfrotto 175 Spring Clamps
    • Colorama Arctic White 2.72m x 11m Seamless Paper Roll Backgrounds (Arctic White or Polar White)
    • Profoto Sand Bags Holds 15 Lbs
    • C Stands with Boom Arms Kupo CT 40 MKB
    • Extension plugs
    • Lightboxes – and more!

If you’re looking for a photography studio for hire or rental then look no further!

Here’s a photo of the interior:

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