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Recently, Oculus VR has released a new product Oculus Touch in the virtual reality industry. As you may know, Oculus VR is a company that makes Rift. And now they have introduced new invention Oculus Touch that works with the Oculus Rift. If you do not have any idea about it, no need to panic. We are giving you a detailed description of these inventions along with what they do and how they do?


What is Oculus Rift?


This is a virtual reality headset released by Oculus VR in the market. It is available on Kickstarter for the last three years and a new version of it is available in the market which is also known as Oculus Rift. It boasts of AMOLED displays, an IR LED constellation tracking system, lightweight designs, integrated video, removable headphones, and much more.


What is Oculus Touch?


This is the new virtual reality input device unveiled by Oculus VR. It is a new consumer model of Oculus Rift. According to Oculus VR, it is a wireless set of tracked controllers added to give a “hand presence”. They described it as “the sensation of feeling as though your virtual hands are actually your own”. This device allows you to reach and touch things available in the virtual world. It makes you feel that you are using your own hands rather than gaming pads to control the things present in the virtual world. Oculus VR stated that this device helps people to enjoy more and feel the experiences of virtual reality.


How does Oculus Touch work?


Oculus VR introduced a “feature prototype” for their invention Oculus Touch known as Half Moon. It has two controllers – one for each hand. Each of the controllers has two buttons at the top and one analog stick. It also includes a trigger for your middle and index finger to grip. These triggers have sensors that make you feel that you are touching them actually. When you use them, you will feel like you are firing a gun.


These Half Moon prototypes are wireless and use the exact IR LED constellation tracking system as Oculus Rift for low-latency, presence, and tracking position. It has a haptic feedback which allows users to interact with the objects present in the virtual world. This Half Moon device includes sensors which let the gamers recognize various hand movements such as waving, pointing, or thumbs-up.


When will Oculus Touch be available in the market?


As per the reports of Oculus VR, Oculus Touch will start shipping to developers and gamers soon. Or it will be present for pre-order at the same time when new Rift will come in the market.


Overall, this is an important investment to step forward in the world of virtual reality. It tells that virtual reality is not just bringing surprise to your eyes or a simple headset. It brings a new concept that while enjoying this, your body parts can also feel it simultaneously. It gives you a feel of real world. In short, this is the most versatile and natural Virtual Reality control experience present in the market. Oculus VR is promising to announce the plenty new concepts and achievements continuously to enhance the world of virtual reality.


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