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By January 26, 2017 September 23rd, 2018 Camper Stories

1) Tell us a bit about your company (why this idea, when did you launched it, did you get founded, How did you met each other…)

MYKU is committed to creating intrinsic and timeless designs, carefully crafted from materials that will withstand the test of time. Kuan came from a jewelry company and Francois came from product design background, the first idea was to create a timepiece incorporating natural material (the first one is semi precious stone like Carrara marble and Black onyx). We met through Karis, Francois’s wife who used to work with Kuan.

2) How long have you been in business for?

Officially for 1 year since January.

3) What was the trigger to create your company?

It starts with a simple the simple idea of the timepiece, we then move quickly into sketches and different iterations of the product. At some point, we were ready for production and we did the leap of faith; we quit our respective jobs to focus only on MYKU. We also wanted to enjoy our work everyday.

4) What are the main challenges for your company so far?

The external environment. Eg, the economic slowdown and instability which can result people’s mood in spending. Also, sourcing for the right partners to collaborate e.g. suppliers, influencers, marketeers is a huge challenge.

5) What are your main goals for the next years?

We’re planning on launching new exciting products and perhabs become an important player in the industry. We would love to be able to give back to the society as well.

6) What is the name of your company coming from?

Inspired by the Japanese word “Haiku” which is a short vivid japanese poem that evokes the beauty of nature. An MYKU is a Haiku with a twist, your personal touch 😉

7) There is a playlist on your website, what is the role of music in your life?

Kuan: Playlist can change your mood depending on the songs
Francois: I can’t go one day without listening to music. I think it has the power to transport your mind to so many places, you just have to choose where to.

8) Any funny facts/anecdotes, as an entrepreneur, you’d like to share with us

You will meet different people from all aspects of life. From the most simple task like packing to delivery, the experience can be humbling to let you appreciate the work that people do everyday.

9) Why did you choose coworking environment and what do you love most about it?

We chose co-working environment because to minimise the cost of startup. Additionally we love the fact that like-minded entrepreneurs or small businesses like us can come together, share and discuss our ideas, experience to continue our learning process.

10) What’s your favorite quote?

Kuan: “Oh dear”
François: So many but the one that I can relate to would be from Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

11) Any last word?

May the Passion be with you!

MYKU is the vision of Founder, Kuan Teo (left) , and designer, Francois Hurtaud (right)

To see all Myku’s watches go to their website here

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