Mon Purse The Fashion Startup Letting Customers Design its Products

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Why Is This Fashion Startup Letting Its Customers Design Its Products?

The fashion industry has taken the trends of style to an extreme level of superiority. These days we have so many options in trends and fashion that sometimes it becomes hard to manage the craze for trends. Even our subconscious mind feel powered and influenced by the outside world of fashion.

What we wear whether its accessories or clothes, they reflect a colorful ambiance of the fashion industry. It shows a sea change in the trends and fashion. But when it comes to choosing a perfect dress of the evening, we choose from the wide collection which has been provided to us by others.

And you know what? This habit is changing itself, how? Well, because of mass customization. This platform avails customers to showcase their own products in front of media. Through this way, it gives the customer a way to present his own mind’s products.

Saying says that ‘Beauty resides in the eyes of the beholder’ and here are some products which justify the words of the saying.

Mon Purse the startup company builds a global brand in the fashion market.

Mon Purse, the Australian handbag vendor provides a mass customization for luxury products and was founded by Lana Hopkins. The idea behind the product has been taken from the private pain paint.

She stated it as “massive change towards discreet, non-branded fashion” and sidelines the luxury handbags. She has built an affordable and personalized apartment of handbags in the world of fashion.

The Mon Purse has been launched in 2014.

The startup claims a rigid choice for luxurious accessories. This app from Australia allows their customers to prepare and design their own handbags from the scratch. Customers customize the handbag products over 6 billion design combinations.

It allows customers to apply their creative approach on their designed handbags and gives them a freedom of choosing own selected products. They can select their desired texture, leather color, interior lining, and premium hardware as per the requirement.

At the cognitive level, there is an appeal to our emotional fondness for personalization.

A product adapts more valuable assets in it and frames examples of the IKEA effect. She said “When we are involved in the creation process of a product, we are inclined to view that product more favorably. This is a result of our investment in its construction. When a customer is designing her own handbag with Mon Purse, she makes a conscious effort to create a product that is unique to what she likes. This is an investment of self-expression and time. By increasing the level of investment in a product it increases our emotional bond with it. The intensity of our emotional connection correlates with our willingness to purchase”.

Hopkins said that brand’s success is written and ambitious by a genuine mission. And also claims “Authenticity starts at the core of our business values. We want to provide people with a high-quality product”.

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