Microsoft Surface Studio: Innovation Leader?

By November 14, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Microsoft has revealed their new project Surface Studio. This is the first ever desktop computer or you can say it is an all-in-one package. It can serve as a giant digital canvas for creative professionals. On a product launch event in New York, the company unveiled its new project the Surface Studio. At the same time, they announced the next version of Windows 10. They told that this version is known as ‘Creators Edition’ and will hit the market in the spring of 2017.


According to Terry Myerson who is the executive vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, the Surface Studio is their vision of computing in the future. They offer a more immersive and natural way to the creation. It is a clear challenge for the other creative industries like Apple’s iMac and Mac Pro.


Microsoft named Studio because of the ability of the product to turn any surface into a studio. It serves as a dual functional system. The first function is to serve as a super-charged canvas and the second is a high-powered touch screen computer. It is the first thinnest desktop monitor ever created in the industry with a display sense of 28-inch Pixel.


One thing that makes Surface Studio unique is the simplicity of its features. You can transform it from a stand-up desktop to a flat screen just by a push and pull. It is only possible because of its distinct series of links that connects the monitor to the base. This series is designed to build a soft and smooth transformation between the Studio’s stand-up screen and flat positions.


Things to know about Microsoft’s new Surface Studio:


  • Release Date

In the US, pre-orders for the Surface Studio are opened. And the shipping will start from the Christmas in a limited quantity. And it will increase in early 2017. The UK store of Microsoft will be the first store from where you can purchase the Surface Studio.


  • Price

When it becomes available in the market, it will go on for sale at $2,999. Last week, the computing giant revealed that they are going to raise the price due to the country’s decision of leaving the European Union. With the Microsoft’s closure to euro levels, the cost of other products and services could increase by as much as 22% from the earlier price.


  • Display


According to Microsoft, this 28-inch touchscreen display is the first ever thinnest monitor created at just 12.5 mm. This 4.5k ultra HD screen Studio offers 13.5 million pixels or 192 pixels per inch. And this is 63% more than a 4K television.


  • Studio Mode

It is easily rotatable screen that requires a little push and pull for the transformation. In its studio mode, it creates a stable table. It allows the user to visualize new and unique ideas in a practical way.


Overall, Surface Studio is an outstanding screen for the new themes and ideas. It offers you a natural feel like a sheet of paper to visualize and develop new ideas. This is another example that Microsoft is leading computer innovations. In short, Microsoft is now a braver and more innovative company than Apple.

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