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Face it. Your brainchild, albeit brilliant, has a less than 5% chance of crawling, let alone walking. Any infantile startup, notably one verging on investment, is well aware of the excessive toil and patience required to make good on a dreamt-up promise. The number one faux pas of folding startups: a foundational lack of Business 101 skills. The second: a non-existent network of supportive individuals Third: premature scaling. Coupled, they hint at a natural tendency for most businesses to put the buggy before the horse. These are the Cardinal Sins of any concern. So, if your directives include “disrupt”, “cure” or interchangeably “solve” then the dividends of building a solid foundation will and should extensively trump those of over-zealousness.

As the budding startup said to the venture capitalist…


Match Me – part mentorship part networking program – is our proprietary way of engaging residents with Campfire’s extensive stockpile of resources and partnerships. From June onwards all members are eligible, free of charge, to a regular series of solutions-driven workshops and events targeting the aforementioned startup sins. In turn we hope to prepare you for the crazy, sometimes frustrating but soulfully rewarding journey ahead.


ADMIN 101  –  learn to incorporate, draft and maintain business plans, handle expenses. The Campfire library (a list of useful templates, guides) is available and indexed on it’s “Best Practices” webpage. Should you find something exciting to share; a book, excerpt, website or video please send it over to [email protected] Alternatively, share it on Slack. We are in the business of communion.

GIFT OF THE GAB  – Whether off-the-cuff or scheduled you’ll have the means and language to effectively convert your ideas into signed dotted lines. Expect writing coaches, UI designers, and consultants on site. Competitions for clarity of presentation will be held at the end of each month.

FUN ACTIVITY: Try drawing your pitch.

CROWD-MARKET-FUNDING –  Learn from successful crowdfunding campaigns and artists to create an interesting social strategy and develop company assets (graphics, photos, video).

STARTUP SCIENCE – the low-down on funding routes, pricing mechanisms, patents and theoretical studies on innovating from the inside out. We will be inviting speakers; industrialists to educators to keep all curiosities satisfied

INVESTOR RELATIONS – Regular pitch nights with a who’s who of Hong Kong. Foolproof your ideas in front of discerning investors and business leaders Tip: The right person is one with the vision, experience and know-how to bring your product to market. Deep pockets are a plus.

JOY IS OUR MIDDLE NAME – spotlight and celebrate new milestones, ideas and even, dare we say, dance-offs. Take a much-needed load off, you deserve it!

SKILL MATCHING –  What better way to address – very normal – budget woes than to play on our community’s strengths? Need a graphic designer or full-stack developer? Perhaps a quick consultation? Beckon, wave or wink (caution requierd)– or send us an email – and we’ll make an introduction. Potential partnerships and employment await.

Campfire also has a designated Slack interface for community requests here.
Let us help you succeed, enroll now.

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