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By February 9, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

MailChimp goes beyond email marketing and launches support for Facebook ad campaigns

The email marketing industry, MailChimp is an American company which was founded in 2001. The company has collected over 10 billion users around the globe through its services till June 2014. It used to cover 10 billion emails per month.

The famous company has offered its users to gain a new way of email optimization. It allows users to manage their email marketing campaigns through the help of MailChimp’s fast services.

But, the organization is taking a big turn in its working formulation as the email marketing hub has launched its supportive hand for Facebook ad campaigns. For the very first time in the history of marketing and analyzing, the email marketing has thought something different.

The MailChimp has launched its new feature or a new tool that allows users to generate a Facebook ad campaign exactly in its accessible MailChimp dashboard.

In a collected overview about the new plan of the MailChimp, we come across a comment which reflects a lot about this. The comment reads as

“The company may be best known for its email platform, but as a company spokesperson noted, its mission goes way beyond that. MailChimp wants to become a holistic marketing platform for businesses (and I would expect that at some point in this process, it’ll change its name to reflect that). As mobile, social, and messaging become more important, that means MailChimp needs to go where its users’ target audience is — and the one place these users definitely are is on Facebook”.

According to the data released by the Mailchimp, its 15 million users which equal to the 16 percent of the hub users belongs to e-commerce companies. And, this number has increased by 46 percent since the last year. Half of the hub’s revenue comes from this category of users. Speculations suggest that these e-commerce businesses use both applications of the MailChimp (Facebook ads and E-mail services).

This new processor will be simple for you if you have already used the email newsletter services of the MailChimp. As this old processing of email newsletter will help the customers to learn the advanced formulation of Facebook ads.

This MailChimp allows its customers to use its email list of influenced fans and targeted audience to generate the new Facebook ads. It also allows them to use the similar audience and present MailChimp subscriber lists.

It said, “MailChimp will not charge its users any fees on top of Facebook’s usual costs (which start at $5 per day for the click-based ads) and will allow them to track their campaigns right inside of their existing MailChimp dashboards”.

So, this is how MailChimp is exploring new horizons in the market. This service allows customers to use two services of the MailChimp which are – Facebook ads and Email services.

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