Is Remote Working Right For You?

By April 14, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Let’s look back in the history of Remote Working and let’s compare how it has been adapted throughout time. More precisely from where they used to work. Remote Workers tend to choose to work in their homes, which has a result, they were much contented and in much better living conditions than that of us. The simple reason behind their contentment was – their balanced work and personal life.

But today, working from home has become a topic of debate, let’s start our discussion about how remote working and how it is attracting more employees.

According to Remote working statistics, the percentage of people who prefer work from home has been persistently increasing from past 20 years. Performing work from anywhere is attracting employees because it relatively gives them more self-satisfaction. Today, In USA, a percentage of Americans working from home has traveled a considerable distance. Where it was 2.1million $ in 2001, it became 2.9 million $ in 2015. There is a contact increase in the percentage of people getting involved with Remote working from 1980 to 2012 to 2015.

The digital revolution has transformed the working culture. It has extended the boundaries of working from an office in a virtual workspace that has connected some employees from all over the world through software.

We have listed the advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before you adopting this work style.


  1. Freedom of workplace:
    • The remote working allows people to work from their desired place without any obstruction. It gives the freedom employees now want. By giving flexible hours and the choice to work in any office setting.
  2. Reduce daily travel to office:
    • It saves your precious time which you invest in long travel routes to reach office on time. Which also results in smaller offices which can help save some cost for businesses also.
  3. Flexibility:
    • In remote working, an employee works in charge of his or her desire. It offers flexibility to employees to work according to them. It enables a person to run his or her personal life with professional life simultaneously. One could freely operate balanced life by switching to remote working.
  4. Cheaper than going to a particular office:
    • Remote working helps you save your daily investment in transportation costs, lunch, and purchasing business wardrobe. It helps you keep your amount investment in day-to-day office stuff.
  5. Better Employee Health:
    • Remote workers say they are in better health condition from than those office workers. It prevents remote workers from communicable sickness unlike office going people, who often get sick by their colleagues and they are often happier than traditional office working staff.


  1. Hard to catch self-discipline
    • In remote working, an employee must be self-disciplined and self-motivated. An employee must need to focus on work and ignore various distractions. One needs to construct a generating atmosphere at home to progressively work in remote working and it becomes hard to implement step for many.
  2. No Physical Office
    • In offices, one could easily interact with colleagues to discuss anything which is hard to replicate during remote working. Remote workers may feel isolated from a regular office life. So it’s important to plan hangout sessions.
  3. Less consideration for promotions
    • It might be possible that your boss overlooks your activities or work when it comes to giving promotion. This is quite dangerous. So to avoid such things try to visit your office in a particular interval of time.
  4. Complete Reliance on Technology
    • While Remote Working, You are interconnected to the web 24/7 so its best to have the best equipment/software to keep you comfortable and connected to your coworkers.
  5. No definite separation between workplace and personal life
    • Many people think that remote working brings clear lifelines to an employee’s atmosphere. But, in reality, this is a hard to agree on fact because it brings blurred lines of work and breaks altogether.

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