Got kids and need to work? We got you…

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I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want

“I want somewhere I can work whilst my kids can play”, was a statement that most (entrepreneurial) parents that we interviewed in early 2018 agreed with.

With our discovery that over 83% of the parents we surveyed from our Campfire coworking spaces agreeing that they’d love the idea of having a kids crèche in their workplace, we decided to take action. That was back in early 2018. Fast forward to Q2 2019 and we’re proud to announce that we have not one, but two kids creches for busy Hong Kong parents!

Kids Crèche in Hong Kong, Option #1: Wong Chuk Hang

We launched a mega coworking space in the booming area of Wong Chuk Hang, which for those that don’t know is a four-minute MTR ride from Admiralty.

Within our coworking space at Camp Wong Chuk Hang is a children’s crèche (as well as a Gym, an Indoor Football Pitch, a Speakers Area – and a ton more).

And, what’s more – if you are travelling by the MTR then you’ll be pleased to hear that we are under a minute’s walk from Exit A, Wong Chuk Hang MTR. So, if you add the time to travel from Admiralty you can be at our kid-friendly workplace in five minutes.

Our Wong Chuk Hang Creche is ideal for: a parent on their own with their helper, friend or relative that can take care of your bundle of joy whilst you get some work done.

Kids Crèche in Hong Kong, Option #2: Whampoa

Launching in early Summer is Camp Whampoa.

Providing a whopping 77,000 square foot waterfront site with 180-degree views overlooking the harbour and Hong Kong Island will be one of our flagship Campfire spaces.

Our Whampoa space will be so much more than simply providing coworking and office rentals to East Kowloon; it will also include in-house childcare and a kindergarten!

The space will also accommodate twelve education outlets; a cafe and restaurant, kids cooking school, theatre, party rooms and one of Hong Kong’s largest indoor playgrounds!

Our ‘Plug and play’ education license standard classrooms and customised teaching space for education providers is the first to come on the market in Hong Kong and we’re proud to be the pioneers in this space.

For more information here’s a recent press release (as of Q2 2019).

Hong Kong’s (Largest) Indoor Playground

We eagerly await confirmation but it is very likely that our indoor kids playground will be the largest in Hong Kong.

The entire space has been designed by award-winning architects and planners to be a theme-based playground with different ‘zones’. The entire emphasis has been on kids stimulation and to enhance excitement and learning – and of course – to keep your kids occupied whilst you catch-up with your friends or get some work done!

Our Whampoa Creche is ideal for: entertaining your children! We’ve got so much going on in Whampoa that it would be an impossibility for your kids not to get bored. 

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