How Open Source Helps Startups

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The Silicon Valley has remained the home of the finest startups. IT enterprises have gained new and developed mechanisms of Silicon Valley to draw their own benchmark in the market. New technologies such as software development, database management, cloud computing, and networking have helped many startups grow.

The question under consideration here is – “will ever these startups grow to reach the height of success as that of big businesses?

The statement below answers this question –

“It’s a legitimate question, mainly because of another technology trend that’s driving the current enterprise-IT renaissance: free, “open-source” software. Increasingly, almost all new enterprise-IT companies are incorporating open-source software into their products. They’re responding to demand from the big companies who buy their products, from banks to healthcare companies to consumer-product giants, who now favor open-source because of its lower cost, flexibility and agility. He even quipped that “open source is eating Goldman Sachs.”

The open-source is spreading like a web

As the software is free to use and could be easily accessible the world is using it the most. It spread from organizations in various forms. In traditional software system one needs license to operate its ups and down. Whereas, in open source system, one is allowed to use it free without any license barriers. This open-source system or open-source software has turned into a delivery model which works for all kinds of infrastructural software.

DevOps engineers have given an example of the same open-source startup- Docker. Docker sells containerization. It’s a technology for software developers. This is slowly loosing the grip as established vendors.

If we talk about other startups which are inexpensive and easy to use, then we must name InfluxData. This helps businesses to store their important data in safe hands. The Internet connected sensors and companies help customers to use their company products.

R & D model and more efficient sales

In comparison to traditional vendors, open-source technology is an easy to use system for any business. A report says that, “Open source is a relatively easier sell than the cumbersome, top-down sales model of proprietary software, for a couple of reasons. First, because the technology is already embedded inside many organizations, many companies deeply depend on open source to run critical software applications. So it becomes easier to sell premium versions of open-source products to these happy users, who don’t want to rip up applications that already work well”.

So, these were some statements about the viral open-source startup. Each small startup demands attention and care to work accordingly to achieve success and to become a leading IT enterprise.

If you too want to take your small startup to desired height then switch to more improved and latest technologies of online networking. It will benefit your business and also add brand value to it.


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