How co-working is beneficial to Freelancers vs working at a Coffee House

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Thanks to the technology that has emerged a number of shortcuts to sustain a comfortable but luxury life, Agreed? You should be! You can observe this in your surroundings; see the improvised techniques and again make a thank you note to the talented minds that made it happen. Puzzled? Okay let us explain, we insist you to pay your gratitude towards these talented minds because they have discovered a fascinating connectivity of the 21st century i.e. ‘WiFi – the most-important tool for Freelancers throughout this globe. Or we can say a tool that made freelancing possible in real terms.

Freelancers! Yes, the new job profile of every odd citizen in the U.S. Are you also one of this fast growing profile, we are talking? If yes, which place do you prefer to work, a coffee House or a Co-working office? Well, let’s discuss them for the complete idea. Please, don’t assume that we have forgotten to mention your home in the list as we know that a home can never replace a working place. A home is more to relax than to work so we prefer to ignore that.

If we discuss in terms of working atmosphere, ambience, amenities and productivity, a co-working place is much better than a coffee house for a freelancer to execute his/her work. The various advantages of Co-working office lead with a great margin from a coffee house when it comes to results. You must be thinking about the reasons that made us claim a co-working office beneficial for a freelancer than a coffee house.

Let’s have a look into the following differences experienced and explained by a number of freelancers while working in a coffee house & a co-working office:

Working in a coffee shop

1- The unpredictable WiFi of a coffee shop can cause trouble while submitting or completing your task. The sudden up and down in the connectivity may swing your mood.

2- While performing work in the coffee shop one could become addicted to coffee. You often forget the huge amount of Caffeine you are taking.

3- Chances may be, that whenever you feel happy after achieving your target then you only find an eyebrow to celebrate, that too raised on the face of the person sitting next to you.

4- The moment you enter the shop with your laptop, remember that you are becoming the most detectable person, who is coming in the search of WiFi and not for a coffee, which means you are not one of those favorite customers who are specifically coming for a warm flavor.

5- The atmosphere of a coffee shop could distract you from working efficiently.

Working in a Co-Working Office

1- A Co-Working Office provides a social network to you, that helps you to work on the connected loops with new applications.

2- A Co-working Hub delivers a peaceful space where you can work comfortably.

3- No problem regarding WiFi, as the co-working office provides a strong Internet connectivity.

4- It benefits you by giving a comfy and personal desk or table and chair to work. A comfortable sheet is a must when you need to gain profit by dedicatedly working.

5- Comforts you with the growing atmosphere and aids you to improve your skills.

Get familiar with the reasons why are advocating for a Co-working office rather than a coffee house! But one thing we feel necessary to mention here that the every freelancer has his/her specific tastes. So, choose wisely as per your likings & requirements and help yourself grow more.

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