Hot Desks – 3 reasons why you should consider it.

Campfire Quarry Bay

If you’ve ever been to a co-working space, you’ve probably caught yourself asking Who’s that guy? and What’s she doing? These are the questions that are the rationale for hot desks. Without further ado –

Why hot desks?

  1. Engage – being curious about your surroundings motivate engagement and enable our campers to reap the benefits of our industry-focused workspaces by connecting with other industry professionals through sheer curiosity.
  2. Focus – Despite the changing faces and spaces, the coworking space team is your constant and the community is all about business.  This means that, unlike coffee shops, the environment is always geared towards getting work done.
  3. Connect – We’re all romantic about the entrepreneurial narrative but isolation is a real threat.  Especially if you are working alone or with a very small team. Staying connected to your professional community both physically and digitally will ensure that you never feel alone.

Extend your reach with a Campfire Hot Desks.

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