How Hiring at a Startup Is Completely Different From Hiring in Finance

By January 13, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Nowadays, most people believe that when it comes to making your career, the finance and tech are the two most attractive fields to choose from. But the question is that what to choose – finance or tech startup? Due to recession in the field of finance – most bankers are moving towards the world of tech. Both the fields are difficult and also require different attitudes to get success.

If you are working in the finance department and now making your mind to move towards tech, you need to be ready to face all upcoming challenges in the same field. Don’t even think that all the businesses are same. The talent and potential which you require to be successful in every business are different. You need to have a certain skill set if you are looking to work in Tech Corporation or tech startups. The skill set and kind of attitude which is needed in the tech field is completely different from that required in finance game.

Whether you are moving toward the tech from finance or leaving finance to construct your own tech startup, you need to have proper knowledge of the particular field. Because the attitude and process of hiring perfect candidates in the startups are completely different from the finance. There are some points to remember while the hiring process in the startups:

  • First and the most important point to consider is Hustle and attitude beat resume?

In the world of finance, the first priority is given to those students who are excellent in studies. These businesses always look for the traditional alpha college students: who got good marks in both studies and sports. The work environment in the finance world is totally predictable with a clear path to establishment and success.

But the world of startups is opposite from the finance. There are no special rules for the excellent students. Beside from marks, their knowledge, nature, and creativity matter a lot. The priority is given to those people who are aware of the concept of technology and creative enough to handle all situations and make the work environment cool. For example, the founder of archetypal is a college dropout.

It does not mean that don’t select the successful and experienced candidates. But you have to choose the candidates as per their will-power to work and their work experience & knowledge. Don’t give importance to their brand-name diplomas & degrees and GPA scores.

  • Another point to note is: search for self-starters. In the finance sectors, training sessions are provided to the candidates at first. They are not allowed to make their own decision until four to five years.

But startups can’t afford training. There are so many things to do in a limited time period. So the hiring is made as per the experience and also as per the grasping power of candidate. It is done so that the candidates can adjust themselves quickly in the environment. Always prefer those candidates who are confident enough to handle all situations and can make their own decisions rather than waiting for the instructions from the management.

These are the two main points that you have to consider while selecting candidates for your tech startup. There are many other points. If you do so then there is no doubt to say that this is your first step towards the success. You will surely achieve your target within few days.

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