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Once titled “becoming your own boss..<some sort of precept>” – then we axed it. Too many articles focus on the forging of great personalities from, well, great personalities. The little man – the one with a peculiar stance on things – is shuffled aside to make room for trickle down CEO tips and one-size-fits-all success recipes. So much is said but nothing truly applies – market appeal is blameless. The curiosity of the afflicted voice is not which hacks serve us best. Rather how we develop a judicious understanding of ourselves: our shortcomings and assets to meet the day’s demands. On becoming your own boss, self-awareness becomes your most formidable asset – a tool necessarily mutable – and without which you’re sure to stagnate. Here are a few tips for pant-wearing pioneers on earning your seat with a practice both insightful and practical:


Yes, a direct subheading from every wellness blog on the Internet. What is mindfulness? Research suggests it some sort of panacea. Those yet to experience it equate it to levitation and mountaintops. Simply, mindfulness is the dissociation from societal labels. That is, acknowledging sights and sounds without creating headline worthy stories. Practicing mindfulness has been associated with improved concentration, less emotional volatility and above all an inequitable level of happiness. There you are, making room for better thought.

Let the UCLA mindfulness center get your started


FastCompany seems to think questions make poor conversation starters. We agree half-heartedly.

Instead, we think a designated platform for concerns, questions and storytelling  promote collaboration and problem solving. Perhaps a parable about Dutch windmills pertaining to Somali pirates boons your reputation as an abstract thinker. Or voicing your concerns over the absence of really good

Yemenite food displays cultural sensitivity. Those with multiethnic employees, anyone?  Careful though, unsound logic is a sure shot way to appear foolhardy.  In other words, be relatable, not crazy.


If you opt to ask questions consider your approach: bull in a china shop or monosyllabic oracle?It could make or break the way your employees engage with you.

Reflection requires high levels of cognizance and since the whole point of self-awareness is feedback, a daily review is essential. Free yourself of kilter by journaling, mind-mapping or spreading the wealth with collaborative drawing exercises. Encourage your employees to do the same, ensuring the workplace is stress-free melting pot for creativity There you have it, short and sweet mechanisms for peace and a steady resolve. Boss man be a peaceful man.

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