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Helpers Choice is an optimum guide to promote a ‘helpers service’ in the homes of Hong Kong. The autonomous territory of China is building its yardstick in each field after walking a step higher than the rest countries. The Chinese community has gained a special place in society for their extraordinary smooth touch in each developing aspect of life.

Hong Kong has developed numerous modern tools to make the everyday work as easy as possible. And, one such step taken to improve the standard of living includes a big name of ‘HelpersChoice’, founded by Laurence Fauchon. The online hub helps families seeking domestic help by connecting with them relevant professionals seeking job in this niche.

The helpersChoice is an online hub in Hong Kong which was established in 2012. This is a trusted organization of more than 1, 00,000 helpers who offer domestic help to various people in Hong Kong. Thousands of licensed employees are providing ethical services to several homes.

The HelpersChoice helps people find required domestic help from the experienced helpers, not from only Hong Kong but from other areas as well like the Philippines and Indonesia. The clients can find the right match to help with their domestic chores from the HelpersChoice as per their necessity.

This growing organization is bringing together a group of members to its company. It offers the easiest way to clients to select from the finest employee to assist their family.

Objective of the firm

Started with the mission “Find the right helper for your home and family”, this organization believes in providing the top-of-the-line services to busy families in Hong Kong.

How it all started

The year was 2012 when the story of HelpersChoice started. The idea behind establishing this hub was to provide a platform where families could choose the desired person for their domestic help.

There is a saying that “Invention is the creation of necessity” and the CEO of the online hub precisely justified these words.

The founder of the organization is Laurence Fauchon. She thought of creating this organization during her pregnancy days when she needed a loyal caretaker for herself but was disappointed with fewer options available. She had a baffling experience while searching a traditional and good domestic helper. And this is what insisted her to start this organization so that other women could enjoy a ‘happy family time’.

How can you choose a correct domestic helper from HelpersChoice?

The website has a dedicated section that describes various helper profiles available in the nearby areas as well as from the foreign countries. Thousands of helpers upload their CVs on the page along with details such as their experience, qualification, nationality, etc.

There is another section that lists numerous skills of helpers from care duties, cooking skills, to various other skills so families could pick the right candidates and become free from the burden of daily chores.

We are operating in more than 20 countries and more than 30,000 families have been enjoying a great time after receiving help from our suggested domestic helpers. This site does not charge illegal fees for providing helpers that many middlemen do.

So enjoy a good time at home and choose the right domestic helper from HelpersChoice!

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