Healthy Work-Life Balance

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How to encourage your employees to have a healthy work-life balance

A healthy work-life balance is an important schedule that must be followed by each employee of every organization. This improves the working efficiency of employees and the productivity of the hub.

An ideal balance between the working life and family or leisure life must be organized to give a fruitful living to an individual. Companies must know what they should offer to attract talented minds towards their hub. And this becomes achievable once they know how healthy work-life encourages employees to perform well.

This work-life balance has been marked at the top value added point in the priority list by many organizations.

Where companies are looking for brilliant minds, on the other hand, employees also want to work in a healthy environment of a good association. And all this would be possible only when these both sides corporate with each other.

From last years, the hard working schedule has been successfully replaced by the smart techniques of working in a co-working space. People are learning new techniques of working but lacking in how to manage their personal and professional life. Stress and anxiety often surround employees. In such practices of the time, one must learn the balance mechanism.

There are many examples, which depict such breakdown incidents of employees’ while fighting with such complications. One such case comes from the jamming industry of Japan.

Last year in October, labour standard authority has linked a man’s death to his work hours in Japan. A concept Karoshi of Japan repeatedly connects the death of the man to his work place rush.

This victim was not the first of its kind as there were hundreds of such deaths reported by the data of every year.

Sweden took a step to answer this problem with an innovative initiative. It experimented with a six-hour work day to reduce stress among employees. It was focused to make workers enjoy a happy time while working.

One such example comes from France. In France, employees now have a legal right to avoid work emails after their work hours. So employees can avoid the load of unnecessary expectations of the organization.

Here are some fine examples to sustain a balanced and healthy work-life:

* It good to paste some policies which make a healthy environment inside your office. Give some liberty to your employees with respect to switch off their work notifications and emails.

* Let your employees follow the rules but not excel them. Let them free from extra office hours and give them space from tough work schedule.

* As a boss it might be impossible for you to enjoy your all holidays but it’s your responsibility to let your employees enjoy the same. This must be applicable in the case of health issues.

At the end, to create a friendly atmosphere inside an office it’s the boss and managers who should be responsible for it.

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