Why hardware startups are moving to Shenzhen?

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Shenzhen, the primordial fishing village in China has unbelievably transformed itself into the world’s largest capital of hardware startups. Who would ever have thought that this city of China is going to lead the world in the niche for innovative startups of hardware in the 21st century? Anyway, it is a good surprise.

In this age of quick development, Shenzhen has emerged as the fastest growing city of 12 million people. Many people who used to consider only London, San Francisco, and Singapore as the hubs for hardware invention, have got another city of Shenzhen to add to their list.

Why is the world turning its way towards Shenzhen for hardware startups?

The world is smart enough to choose the right place for the best benefits, and this why everyone is joining hands with rising sun. The city of technical wealth offers plenty space to start a business.

Many people who are searching for a hub of manufacturers can visit Shenzhen. It is an ideal place of a parts supplier for various manufacturing companies. It offers a variety of places under several categories such as malls, to manufacturing organizations.

The Famous Seg Market of the Shenzhen

The renowned Seg Market of Shenzhen is situated in Futian district in China. It includes a big market for LED lights, drones, and circuit boards. Another specified area of Shenzhen ‘Huaqiangbei Commercial Street electronics market’ covers 70 million square feet of a shopping mall.

Production houses of the city and their efficiency in production

The fastest running city provides the largest services to the production hubs. Whether you want an injection-molding sample or a hardware producer; the city avails everything in the limited time period. There are some famous yet local factories which used to produce the largest production just in the decided time period as per the requirement.

Overall electronic production from Shenzhen

No wonder that electronic objects have covered all the aspects and basic roots of development but who helps it the most? It’s Shenzhen. Because the city has contributes 90 percent in the world’s electronics hubs.

Shenzhen is next Silicon Valley of the world

Shenzhen must be thankful to its growing local hubs who work hard for manufacturing electronic parts. The city offers reasonable electronic parts including services like shipping, crowdsourcing, and labor. It is simply the dreamland for big manufacturers who seek much production in less time.

What are the opinions of local people about the accessing development of the city?

The local people of Shenzhen conclude the entire development of the city with a single statement which says “All roads lead to Shenzhen for hardware”.

A local resident and director of Hax’s China program, Karina Chang describes the development as “You can buy a $9 computer chip here and turn a chair or desk into a smart device”.

So these were the basic facilities and reasons for why the world is moving to Shenzhen for hardware startups.


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