Growth hacking vs traditional marketing

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The art of Growth hacking involves relevant data, mixed product individuality, and nimble marketing to increase the growth rate or to attain a faster growth. On the other hand, Traditional marketing measures and utilizes mass media and messages. A traditional marketing laid ways to establish brands along with deep pockets.

Moreover, if you are a beginner who wants to establish an excellent startup in the market then you should organize your need as per your budget. Make your own priority list about the essentials of the two strategies and consider the right one for your business.

But if you are lacking the time and budget then we suggest you choose the traditional marketing instead of growth hacking. Rest, we have discussed the specific differences between the two in detail. Here we go:

Growth hacking functions on low-cost channels to calculate your business’s matrices on the basis of measured jumps and parameters. The four parameters which differentiate the two schemes name themselves as people, channels, process, and approach.


1- People

One of the accounted technique shows that traditional marketers are cost efficient and demands cheap ways to promote their business. Their reputed skills have brought a number of standard levels in this category. The traditional approach feels restricted growth and could be sensed via radio commercials and print advertisements. The long advertisements of the traditional marketing leave a negative impact on the customers as they turn towards boredom.

On the other hand, the Growth hackers are very creative and involve new methods to spread awareness about their business. This method gives an overview of your business.


2- Channels

Traditional marketers utilize the salaried advertisements to promote the hub on different social networks. One can see Super Bowl advertisements to know more about this category. And the growth hacking is slightly different from the traditional marketing. Small startups use these prominent techniques to promote themselves on larger platforms.

For an example, Airbnb uses Craigslist to promote them in another direction.


3- Approach

Growth hackers design a product in keeping mind the objective of the customers. They cover each aspect of promotion and don’t settle with just limited allocations of promotion. They make proper market research before putting a change in their product and make it a successful product by the end of the day. They assemble proper questionnaires and survey about the same.

And traditional marketing uses the research method based on customers. They give time to make a proper advertisement as per the community and interested members. They expand their customers’ interests and use them to promote their business.


4- Clear process and definitive funnels

Traditional marketers precisely focus on their brand value and spread awareness about their business. And they search their brand in the market and analyze the perfect methods of the growth. Traditional marketing lacks the importance of established goals for their business because they don’t include perfect knowledge and skills in a set of knowledge. This case is just opposite to that of Growth hackers.

Growth Hackers settles their own traffic goals and sustain a skilled labor in the team. They gather feedbacks from their customers and carefully pin them down for future up gradation.

So, these were top 4 parameters of the traditional marketing and growth hacking which separates the two from each other.

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