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Angela Duckworth, popular American psychologist and first to harmonize Grit as a success indicator claims we’re not perseverant enough.I’m certainly guilty of guising time with busy work and a forte for long-winded speech – Mr.90% with a 50% completion rate. Hilariously, days of leapfrogging tasks have proven synonymous with distress and pangs of guilt. Not so funny: a core belief that avoidance is the primary habit of the gritless. Duckworth has unleashed scissor wielding 5 year old on the patchwork that is my life. But Grit is obviously cultivable else this article remains depressingly bleak.

Here are 4 qualities of gritty people:

Gritty people practice fastidiously and lackluster results only inspire more practice. Goal oriented programming, with targets they can monitor and adhere to, set them apart from the complacent. Very few push the boundaries of high quality work and probing guarantees a continuous challenge. Point to any industry great and I’ll show you someone who has sacrificed for practice. The next time you infringe on a thoughtless task, question, just about, everything.

In a room full of intelligent people, bordering on Elroy Jetson, dispelling the myth that effort trumps talent can be difficult. But gritty people are rarely charmed by flair; instead they value effort to be the most beguiling quality of them all. After all, how many hopefuls fail to achieve prized status if not for a lack of talent than for a lack of tenacity? Should you notice the adjacent “entrepreneur” taking an incomprehensible number of water and bathroom breaks ask yourself why. An absence of grit and /or a weak bladder is usually the answer.

If you’re anything like me you’ve missed an appointment or two. Gritty people do what they say they’re going to do. Best man commitment or vow for holiday souvenirs, no promise is too important or too trivial. 100% attendance is an incumbent part of standing up to life and a guaranteed karmic thrust into favorable friend retention and honorability.

Gritty people have a societal purpose. Everything they do contributes to a larger collective goal. One small step for man is always one giant leap for mankind. If you’re without a primary purpose consider getting yourself one. Feeling part of is a fundamental need of every one of us.

There you have it, 4 qualities (of many) to turn subpar Joe into a fully-fledged ass-kicker. If you want to know more about your level grit, take the test here:

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