Gmail is dumping Windows XP and Vista, now what?

By February 16, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

More problems will stand at the door of Windows XP and Vista as Google has announced its new guidelines for the online media. Google has clearly announced that Gmail will soon stop supporting the Chrome version 53 by the end of this year. This decision will affect the XP and Vista as Google used to provide its great support to all systems which used to include Chrome v49.

Hold on! It doesn’t mean that XP and Vista users will not be able to use Chrome. But, yes it will definitely suck a lot of services.

According to Google, the first step of the announcement will start from Wednesday, February 8. Google will show a banner on its home page to encourage chrome users to upgrade its existing version to a new one. But, for this one needs to have a fresh version of Chrome and not limited to Chrome 49.

Afterwards, Google will possibly land its users to the basic version of Gmail at HTML page and not on the web app. Though it’s not certain yet but assumptions direct the application of the scheme by the end of 2017.

Nothing to worry about if Gmail interface stops thinking about changing its landing as Gmail will continue providing the existing services. But if Google states a change and splits Gmail in Chrome 49, then it will definitely become a thing to worry.

A lot will change into your Google services if you switch to HTML version instead of XP and Vista. This simply means moving back to the very initial replica of the Gmail interface. One would lose the useful features such as chat, spell checker, contacts, rich formatting, and customized address along with keyboard shortcuts.

The list of the changes is quite long. By the way, whether you take it as comfort factor or else, HTML is not that bad because it provides some qualified options such as add attachment or texts, and send! This option is missing in chat.

If you are feeling puzzled with HTML version then here is a better option for you. You could change to a desktop program for basic versions such as email on XP. On secondary option, you can install Mozilla Thunderbird to support your Windows XP along with service pack.

The thundering Thunderbird will avail much better facilities to you which you’ll miss in HTML. The exception would customize addresses which incorporate Google dependent address. Mozilla shares a simple method which states How to use Thunderbird with Gmail.

So, there is no scope of going wrong after choosing Mozilla for your desktop instead of using that basic tab of HTML. Make your best decision in your favor and put everything under your observation to stay updated with the coming changes to social networks.

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