Fixed Desks – 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider It.

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The hype about hot desks is endless.  They are great for flexibility, promoting creativity and inspiration – but is it the best option for you? When should we consider fixed desks instead?

Why Fixed Desks?

1. Storage for physical objects

As much as we are rolling in a digital age, there are still some non-digital things we can’t get around.  And even though Campfire‘s got you covered on a lot of bases (printers, photocopiers, coffee machine), you might have a few extra things that need fixed storage.  Some things are not practical to carry around or better left stationary such as:

  • the hardware supporting your software: desktop PCs, scanners, 3D printers, and more!
  • product samples, inventory, raw materials
  • team equipment, items that are shared communally amongst team members and need to be located in a central spot

2. Fixed Location

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there’s a big wide world of uncertainty but some of those woes can be resolved with a fixed desk. Namely:

  • Things:  A fixed location where your things can be kept means centralised storage!  Know where your things are at all times (because they are in the same place).  Additionally, they can be accessible to the whole team (if there’s more than one of you) making sharing resources easier to manage.
  • People: Depending on the nature of your business, a fixed location could impact the style of collaboration.  Even if your team is working on the same floor of the same building, collaborative workspaces can be big, and your team can be scattered due to desk availability.  Fixed desks means your team will less time trying to locate each other.
  • You:  Beyond the team, a fixed location is also useful for client facing entrepreneurs.  As much as you are out there seeking clients, clients could be seeking you! and a fixed location will help them do so.

3. Personalise your space!

A spaced that is dedicated to you and your business means you are free to customise your space (within guidelines of course).  Personalisation helps to strengthen a sense of ownership over your work as well as your workspace.  The familiarity of your personal touches can also act as visual cues to help your mind shift into work mode when you get to work.

A personalised workspace also acts as great way to get your community curious about your business or project.  A customised desk can help you draw attention.  Your desk can be a conversation starter, help you spark new connections, and let people know who you are and what you’re about.

All in all, the switch from hot desks to fixed desks is a matter of presence and laying roots.  A dedicated space is taking a step towards building a home base and a physical presence.

Campfire has got you covered – Fixed Desks.

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