Why is fake news a big subject for social media companies?

By December 8, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Social media is a hub of information for everyone. And the news and information you upload there not only affects your life, but also affect the life of your readers too. These social media sites are updated with new information and data after every second by several users who upload photos, current new, experience of events, scoops, and news on latest hot topics.


In the current time, users are passionate and crazy about social media and follow it to stay updated on the latest news of the industry. And fake news uploaded on any social media account means it can make a negative impact on the life of audiences as well as challenge the credibility of that social media company. So there is no doubt that fake news has become a major issue for all social media companies.


For example, a current fake news incident with Facebook during US election became a serious issue for Facebook. To overcome this problem, many social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others are doing many efforts. They are taking various measures to decrease the circulation of the fake news. As fake news affects the lives of social media users, companies are making a strategy to reduce misinformation, fake news, and harassment on the Internet. They created their own system to report fake news on social media.


  • Fake news effects the online reputation of a social media company-

No wonder that online reputation plays an important role in letting a business achieve the desired heights of success. After all, these days we all believe in Google rankings more than anything else in the world of online marketing. Suppose, if you are having a place in the top 3 rankings on Google and unfortunately, an unwanted bug creates nonsense about your site, then? Well, how we recognize this as ‘fake news destroyed the online reputation of an achieving business.


  • Fake News negatively affects the market value of the social media company

Fake stories destroy trust. So how could it be possible that fake news, which is being circulated on the internet, will not affect the market value of the significant social media company? Exactly! It affects the market value of the social hubs which results in less audience.


  • It influences the relationship between audience and the social media hub

Trust is an important factor when it comes to strengthening the bond between a company and its audience. But fake news and negative rumors distracts the audience from the website and insist them to turn their way from the company.


  • Fakeness results in less traffic over website

Fake news decreases the ‘audience power’ of the company and reduces the number of readers visiting it. So, these are the significant causes of the fake news which makes itself an important subject to various social media companies.

This also educates social media companies to stay tuned with their ORM operations in order to avoid fake news about their organization.

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