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By February 6, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Right now, the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the hottest topics in the market. And, everyone is talking about the Facebook VR but only a handful of people are aware of it. Well, the Facebook VR is a new feature of the very famous social website – Facebook.

This revolutionizing world has gained a number of technical parameters, which facilitates the old online world to become better every day. Facebook has revolutionized its mechanism of interacting with friends and has added another feature to its communication power which is Facebook VR.

Facebook has purchased the Oculus for $2bn which is one of the best developers of VR headsets. The leading technology of VR headsets has gained the consumers’ confidence. The investment of $2bn by Facebook reveals that it is certain with some quite plans through VR technology.

Oculus, the purchased asset of Facebook has already taken a place in the market through its one VR product as Samsung’s Gear VR. A smartphone through its holder generates the real VR existence with this Google’s Cardboard headsets without using PC.

These days, Facebook has already allowed its users to use and share the 3D video substance on its digital platform. Also, Facebook has launched its designed Gear VR on the company’s Oculus store for users.

Last week in London, at Wearable Technical show the CMO of Starship, Julian Price talked about the latest VR theme and how VR could turn the lights on for social networks to perform in better order.

He said; “It will be the transition from the phone, tablet or computer-based interactions, which are largely asynchronous, into real-time, VR interactions, where participants are perfectly in synch”. “Social is asynchronous, and it is quite isolating. That leads to digital narcissism – it leads to people going on about how great their world is. VR is really about how great our world is, the world we all share together – it’s a way of being able to share that.”


This VTime’s app allows four people to visit a variety of scenic locations. The four points of visiting department are – International Space Station, Cave campfire, polar waste, and chat. In this platform, users are put forward as avatars. The future plans are to increase the number of participants on the portal as well as to involve more interactions of people through the scenic view.

Speculations about the Facebook new themes suggest that it will better and make the more realistic representations of the members on the page of Facebook.

According to VTime, this VR technology is unique and impossible to tell apart from the real world.

“We create these fine brush strokes with details you can see – such as breath coming out of my mouth [in the Arctic] and fish swimming down there. It’s about playing with people’s emotions – being sociable is about emotions. VR should not all be about vomit inducing rollercoasters and phantasmagorical words. There’s a place for that but VR is also an enabling tech which allows people to do what they’ve always done – socialize”.

So, this is how Facebook is growing with time and technology and bringing new features into its portal. Facebook VR is pushing people to come closer through the real effects of the digital world.

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