Empowering the woman workforce of Hong Kong

Women in the workplace isn’t simply good for the female of our species; a recent survey by the Center for Creative Leadership found that having more women in leadership positions – especially on boards – has a positive impact on a company’s financial performance, and is also likely to make that company a better place to work.

Titled ‘What Women Want – and Why You Want Women – in the Workplace’, [PDF download, 1,2 MB] involved 745 participants, both male and female, and found that companies with a higher percentage of women resulted in “more job satisfaction, more organisational dedication, more meaningful work and less burnout” for everyone – not just women.

The study also found that “people with female bosses reported their bosses were more supportive of their career development compared to people with male bosses” – and this finding was true of both male and female respondents.

APAC’s leading co-working provider, Campfire, have been recognising women in the workplace through their month long Women’s Empowerment Series – ‘She Can. So She Did.”, showcasing some of Hong Kong’s most empowering and inspiring females.

Kicking off with International Womans Day and running until 1 April, the series has been a first of its kind, with a mix of workshops, screenings and panels, curated for women by women, with prominent topics, collaborations and discussions.

“It’s been amazing to have so many fabulous females come together and flourish, thrive, create and connect with each other. We’re so excited to be able to offer this to the many wonderful women out there and recognise some of the incredible talents and things that are being achieved in our community” said Kawi Hall, Global General Manager of Campfire.

So far, events in the series have included a Green Women Festival, showcasing how women can find opportunities in green innovation; a screening of City of Joy, the documentary about survivors of gender-based violence in Democratic Republic of Congo; and a talk with renowned writer Diana Wu David – author of ‘Future Proof: Reinventing Work in the Age of Acceleration’ – about how you can future-proof your life and your career.

The next event of the series (27 March) focuses on the “Rise of the Female Entrepreneur”, where attendees will have an opportunity to meet and speak with women who have left corporate careers to establish their own businesses. They will also hear about the issues that women still face in the workplace today, and consider possible solutions.

“We’ve come a long way when it comes to female empowerment – however these topics and challenges are still so relevant in our workforce today and it’s a privilege to be able to host and facilitate discussions around how we continue to strive and move forward” says Hall.

Wrapping up the series on 1 April is an evening with Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, holistic wellness coach and founder of the Vibe Tribe – a Hong Kong founded agency that helps ethical brands create conscious brand and communications strategies.

Cristina will help attendees realign, reconnect and “raise their vibe” through meditation, a movement class and a workshop. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to MIND HK, which supports those who suffer from and raises awareness of mental health issues.

For more information on Campfires ‘She Can. So She Did.’ series visit: https://campfire.work/shecan-soshedid/

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