Are Dress Codes for work still a thing?

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These days the workplaces are rapidly changing their working styles and have adopted modern techniques to progress in the cooperative world. Some growing companies allow its employees to work freely in their favorite attires whereas some major firms still stick to old rules and regulations.

There are different opinions of people on the topic of following a dress code. The matter of professionalism could be elaborated with the help of pros and cons. Let’s go through the top pros and cons of the dress code system.

Pros   –

1- It defines the professional status of employees and companies

A nice ironed, clean uniform gives the impression of an executive and professional look to the employees. Plus, the fine dresses build a trust factor between the customer and the employees they interact with. Crisp and clean dresses add a dash of smartness.

2 – Smart dresses make a first impression on costumes

‘First impression is the last impression’ and uniforms help to make that unforgettable first impression in the eyes of customers of the company. Customers feel comfortable and more trusting when working with professional looking employees. Going to office in uniforms keeps us ‘always ready’ for unplanned meetings and presentations.

3 – Uniforms give an Identity to the employees within the organization

Dress codes help employees to gain a personal identity in the organization. It also gives a sense of belongingness. It creates the consciousness of responsible looking and hard-working employees which automatically makes people feel more sincere toward their work.

4 – works to promote and advertise a company

The dress code system works like a promotional campaign for the organization. When company employees come out of office hours and walk on the streets of the city, they will actually endorse the company’s name as passerby will notice their uniform and the company logo on it.

Cons –

1- Monotony

Wearing the same uniforms during office hours brings monotony in the minds of employees and also to the company’s status. This lowers the shelf life of the co-employees which also affects the productivity of the organization.

2- Dress code system affects the religious sentiments of the employees

There are certain beliefs and values of different customs in which an individual grows up with fixed dress codes and different uniform codes in offices affects clothing sentiments of this class. Because these people used to have a traditional system of attires and according to them, they are not allowed to wear anything else.

3 – It obstructs the productivity of the employees

If your dress is not designed or stitched with right measurements it may generate a discomfort in an employee’s mind while wearing the dress. This result in poor productivity as the regular discomfort of the dress code distracts employees from working dedicatedly in the firm.

4- Limits Uniqueness inside the organization

The same or monotonous dress code can make people lose their individual identity as everyone looks the same. The employees may feel bored with wearing the same clothes every single day. This is a hard to ignore downside to the dress code system.

Now the ball is in your court to decide whether a dress code is still a recognizable thing for the overall growth of your company. if you feel it’s an essential step to getting full productivity out of the employees.

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