Does Coworking Work For You?

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How do you know if something is for you?

The answer is, you don’t – until you try…

If you’ve hit this article because you’re on the fence about taking space in a coworking environment then here’s two bits of instant good news for you:

  1. We offer free coworking day passes in Hong Kong, and;
  2. with over 300,000 square feet in prime locations throughout the city you’re in good hands!

To take advantage of points 1 and 2 click here, and enjoy.

Seriously though, what should I be looking for in a coworking space in Hong Kong?

As we’ve discussed before, price should not be your number one driver, instead, it ought to be ‘vibe’, community, flexibility and convenience.

By ‘vibe’ we mean atmosphere and environment. We’ve always known at Campfire that ‘likeminded folk’ tend to gravity towards each other, but more importantly we’ve also always know the importance of surrounding yourself with great people and great companies – and that’s where we excel at.

Industry focused coworking ‘Camps’

We’re proud to be different.

We differentiate ourselves with ‘industry-focused’ coworking spaces, which we call ‘Camps’. If you work in FinTech, for example, then you’ll love Camp Causeway Bay, a recognised Hong Kong FinTech coworking hub for startups and SME’s. If fashion and creativity are more defining of your business then we’d encourage you to check out Camp Wong Chuk Hang; whilst tech is the main driver for Camp Taikoo Shing.

It’s all about the ROI

Yes, we know.

As a startup ourselves we get it; feel it and know it all too well.

It doesn’t matter if your business is a fledgling startup or a booming SME your organisations’ DNA will contain a prominent strand of ‘ROI Awareness’. You’ll want to know that your hard earned dollars are going as far as possible, and office rent is absolutely a vital bit of the overall ROI equation.

Here’s the thing though: how do you measure ROI?

Aside from the monetary way, how else do you measure it? Well, we feel that an important (an often overlooked) metric is ‘lifestyle happiness’. And – that’s where your friends at Campfire can help.

The Campfire Way Of Life

We’ve woven lifestyle happiness into our coworking spaces. We’ve done this by introducing gyms, childcare-facilities, F&B areas, meditation rooms, libraries – and heck, even an indoor footaball pitch! We’ve done all of this to help balance your ‘work-life-happiness’ harmony.

Interested to learn more and to see how we can specifically help you with your Hong Kong coworking needs? Then contact us.

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