Do Internships Matter?

By September 27, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

A college degree is important in attaining your career aspirations but with increased competition for nearly every position out there, it is vital to do something different to set yourself apart from everyone else. And that something different could very well be an internship.

An internship provides you vital experience in your major that can differentiate you from the tens of thousands of college graduates across the country entering a flooded job market. Most colleges and universities require students to complete an internship in their chosen field. Even if they are not required, internships are a great way to gain experience and make important networking connections.

Why do internships matter? Their are different thoughts and debates on this. Some people say that students must only focus on their studies, at the same point the unconventional thoughts go in favor of internships. Listed are various advantages of an internship:

  • Builds your resume and interview skills

An internship on a resume looks impressive and can set you apart from another candidate who does not have that extra experience.

  • Builds your business network

An internship affords you the opportunity to build your business network.

  • Builds your references

In order to get hired, you need people who vouch for you. An internship offers you the great opportunity to develop references.

  • Inculcates new skills and builds your experience

Internships are a perfect way to take your classroom knowledge and apply it in a real-world work environment. You can also learn new skills in the work environment and have experiences that the classroom could never provide. This is great for you as a developing professional and looks great on your resume. It gives you something to talk about on a job interview.

  • Explores career interests, occupations, and environments

There are multiple jobs and careers that you could embark upon no matter your college major. An internship gives you a chance to see firsthand if you are interested in a certain occupation or not. An internship can help you fine-tune your intended career path.

  • Helps in building confidence

If you are afraid of facing the work world then an internship can teach you that you can do it easily. An internship for a college student is like an exposure to the outside world.

  • Employers may hire you

Employers frequently use internships as an inexpensive tool to preview future employees. They want see how you work before they hire you. So treat your internship as a real job as it may pay off in a huge way.

Internships are not easy to get. The first internship is your first experience and getting in is tough. Although internships are not a requirement for a college student to secure a job but they are one of the most important things employers look at when evaluating recent college graduates. Statistics prove that you are more likely to get a job if you have internship experience.

Internships can be the first step towards a brighter future.

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