The Digital Nomad and Their Workspace

By May 27, 2017 September 23rd, 2018 Coworking, Lifestyle

The nature of jobs moving towards automation and having technology advance at an exponential rate has shaped and changed the job landscape, making certain jobs and tasks obsolete, expanding the possibilities for work and how we approach it.

With the digital revolution, questioning the traditional 9 to 5 in lieu of other more attractive working alternatives comes to light. We have seen companies scramble to strike the best balance in being in touch with a largely growing millennial workforce that demands more of how work should play a role in their lived. The lines blurred with work-life integration becoming the status quo as opposed to the work-life balance that was possible (almost) before emails and chat programs were always within arms reach with our mobile devices.

The sheer speed of technological change keeps businesses on their toes


Tim Ferriss, with his wildly successful book, “The 4 Hour Work Week”, resonated with audiences, the idea of lifestyle design 10 years ago, pushing the digital nomad to the spotlight. Putting 2 and 2 together, remote working and the lure of experiences over material goods that millennials prize, being a digital nomad has already gained its traction, moving from pipe dream gimmick to an inevitable norm – the digital nomad, also known as the remote worker.  

Along with the growing gig economy, many are taking greater ownership to make to find the best of both worlds to strike out and live as digital nomads. The remote workforce population had passed 1.3 billion since 2016 and isn’t stopping. And it’s proven that companies who embrace the wanderlust that seems prevalent with millennials end up driving engagement, and imbuing a sense of loyalty and belonging for much better returns.

The ease of access to affordable and quality lodgings through Airbnb, better internet connections and companies realizing that giving workers freedom and autonomy bring out the best in them, points to the allure of the digital nomad.

The world, the web, and its services are the digital nomad’s oyster, and pearl rolled in one

While many companies are allowing their staff to work fully remotely, a consideration that we must take into account lies in marrying the freedom, and fulfilling the need for wanderlust, while making the excitement, and adventure of the location conducive and productive for the digital nomad.

Digital nomads are part of a global, connected family, learning and understanding their physical landscape, and the burgeoning digital nomadic community that comes with the territory will make their travels much more enjoyable and productive.

Having access to a good coworking space serves as a hub that is ripe and ideal for the digital nomad. With a good mix of businesses crossing various industries and sizes, digital nomads will be able to scour their favourite destinations without losing a beat to their workflow while widening their social and professional circles with like-minded individuals.

For the budding digital nomad, the coworking space serves as his office and workspace he can call his own, and with the through the bonds with the people and community, the digital nomad is always welcome to a home, away from home.

Between pictures, productivity, and projects, a good coworking space is the digital nomad’s nexus


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