Why Design Can Make Or Break Your Startup?

By January 27, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Making your first appearance to this new world of startups demands a well-planned model for a successful dealing. Because only the pre-analysis of the coming ups and downs of the market may help you to sit under a secured roof. There are many speculations and statements about the issue which have been discussed by eminent leaders of the business world.

Here are a few of them –

There was a question which was first visible on Quora which is ‘How much can design make or break a startup? Well, Steve Vassallo has answered this question.

Steve Vassallo, the General Partner at Foundation Capital described the issue as-

“I’ve been working on a months-long research project on this very question and, more broadly, the role of design and of designer founders in the tech ecosystem. It’ll be published early in the New Year, so please stay tuned.”

“In the meantime, I’ll share one of the conclusions that I arrived at, which is that design is non-negotiable for startups today. Let me say that again: design is non-negotiable for startups. Businesses, even in the very recent past, weren’t doomed to certain failure because of a weak emphasis on design. The bottoms of drawers across the free world are littered with poorly designed products that have sold well because of brilliant sales and marketing. And the design was regarded as the mere “skin” that the designers slapped on the real work of the engineers. But that’s the past. The design has become a strategic peer. And I believe that design is the greatest lever for building the greatest companies of the future.”

Steve has mentioned two things which are responsible for huge demand and usage of design. The first point states the approach of the technology which has touched the equilibrium point. Also, the law of Moore has reduced the returns of physical limitation of the lithography. On the other hand, the other surplus will serve the work of computing capacity for the coming newborn. The explored power of the new processing of Internet via broadband speed has touched the sky. The advanced tools such as large screen size and cloud services are no longer a big task. It’s a high-level technology these days.

And the second thing on which Steve has focused stage measures itself through expectations. Day by day, consumers are expecting more and more from the advanced technologies. They want more user-friendly Internet services. Expectations are changing and so is the new processing of the startups. Consumers want frictionless and fast services.

So, through these words, Steve has outlined the smart services of the Internet and the coming objectives of the applications. And, the brief discussion on the importance of the smart designing suggests that it is the fundamental key to a successful business.


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