Deconstructing Home Wi-Fi with Plume

By December 13, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

This year has been a very productive and successful one in terms of introducing new inventions. It is not all about the innovation of new products announced in the market but it also convinced consumers that if they want a strong and wireless network in their residents then they have to charge a little bit more than earlier.


About Plume and its new achievement:


Plume’s headquarter is in Palo Alto, California and it was founded in 2015. This is the latest company that created an Adaptive Wi-Fi. This is the first Wi-Fi in the world that delivers the most reliable and fastest internet experience in each corner of your home.


A new announcement is made by Plume that they are providing the only wireless home Wi-Fi solution without the need for any router. Plume is the new company in the market and their target is to provide excellent network connection in every home without the need of extra tools like routers. They are removing the traditional routers and offering a completely new system for those people who are looking for the consistent and fast internet connection in each and every area of their homes.


Plume includes some beautiful Pods and it works through these pods. You can plug these Pods directly into the sockets of your wall in each area of the home – in short, one Pod in each room is necessary. This Pod system is directed by the Plume Cloud. These Pods can offer you great speed, reliability, and coverage that is very high than any other system. So, it is clear that Plume is faster, smarter, smaller, and simpler to use and set up.


Now rather than using a traditional Wi-Fi router, you can use these pucks. Just plug one of them into your cable modem or DSL and then it works as a center “hub” for all other pucks available in each area of the home.


Views of the Company on this achievement:


In a statement, Fahri Diner who is the CEO and Co-founder of the company said, “A single router can no longer meet the Wi-Fi demands of most homes today. While the latest generation of multi-router systems improves signal strength, they can choke the overall system capacity and speeds. These unnecessarily expensive products are based on decades-old technology that compounds the issue of a central router and cannot handle the complex variables and loads affecting a Wi-Fi network in a modern connected home”.


He also added, “We approached the problem from a unique angle. Rather than introducing more routers, we decided to deconstruct the traditional router by leveraging inexpensive and scalable compute power from the cloud. The intent was to give people more Wi-Fi, in more places, on more devices, more of the time – all at a more affordable price point”.


More about Plume:


Plume is capable enough to detect the interferences and then regularly work on it to enhance speed, signal, and resiliency. You can set a Plume system in your home in a few minutes with the help of Mobile app of Plume. It provides Wi-Fi access control for all family members and guests easily with full speed and coverage. It continuously detects the speed and consistency of internet connection in the entire home.


In the pre-sale time, the cost of Plume Pods is $39 each and they are available in three colors in the market including Silver, Onyx, and Champagne. After this, the price will rise to $49.

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