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By reading this you’ll learn that Wong Chuk Hang is affordable and very close to Admiralty & Central.

The headache of renting office space in Hong Kong

Finding cheap Coworking Space in Hong Kong is becoming more and more of an obsession for many SME’s in the city, and as a result, it’s hardly surprising that many are turning to shared office space solutions in the city.

Wong Chuk Hang has become a perfect solution to being able to lease affordable office space in Hong Kong, especially those in the SME (Small to Medium/ Enterprise category).

5 reasons leasing coworking space in Wong Chuk Hang is a great idea

# Reason 1: 5 minutes 27 seconds

In the spirit of scientific research and in a quest to establish fact from fiction I decided to time how long it would take me (the author of this post) to leave our office at Campfire Wong Chuk Hang and detrain at Admiralty. The answer, my esteemed colleagues, was a breathtaking 5 minutes and 27 seconds. So, to get to Admiralty, and by extension to be a stones throw away from Central, took just under a quarter of an hour. That’s enough time to enjoy the break of being out of the office before your next meeting.

My point here is that the distance from Wong Chuk Hang to Admiralty via MTR is incredibly close.

Also! Remember, that Campfire (the first coworking space provider in Wong Chuk Hang) is literally opposite Exit A WCH. As a result of this, we are the envy of the other Hong Kong coworking providers.

# Reason 2: You can breathe

Admit it, getting on the South Island Line is a lot more comforting and friendlier than the mayhem of the Tsuen Wan Line or Kwun Tong Line. When the trains pulls into Ocean Park you’d perhaps secretly prefer to exit the train and go feed the Penguins in the theme park but alas you’re probably on your way to work so you just press on to Wong Chuk Hang which frankly speaking you could easily walk to. It takes ten minutes and I do it every day to get some air in my gills.

So, my point here is that Wong Chuk Hang is a relaxing place compared to Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Central or Admiralty.

# Reason 3: Places to eat 

There are a bunch of great places to eat in Wong Chuk Hang, in One Island South and down Wong Chuk Hang Road – here’s a great resource. A personal favourite of the Campfire staff is the Nam Long Shan Road Cooked Food Market. Inside the market you’ll find an array of family-run stalls that line the periphery of the area, from traditional Cantonese Dai Pai Dongs to some popular Thai joints. If you like Thai food then it’s a no-brainer. And – it’s cheap and tasty.

Come and book a tour!
Come see our gym, football pitch, library, speaker space, and more.

# Reason 4: It’s affordable!

You got me at ‘affordable’…

Let the data do the talking:

Admiralty HK$ 65 per square foot
Wong Chuk Hang HK$ 25 per square foot
Causeway Bay HK$ 45 per square foot
Kennedy Town HK$ 33 per square foot
Sheung Wan HK$ 35 per square foot
Taikoo Shing HK$ 35 per square foot
Quarry Bay HK$ 35 per square foot

This reason needs no further explanation. If you’re after the cheapest coworking space in Hong Kong then you’ll find it at Campfire, Wong Chuk Hang.

It’s worth reminding our audience that we also have coworking places in Kennedy Town, Causeway Bay, Taikoo, Quarry Bay, and Whampoa. Last year we also opened up a coworking location in Shoreditch, London.

# Reason 5: Our amenities 

OK, this reason is all about us: Camp Wong Chuk Hang (we call our coworking spaces in Hong Kong ‘Camps’, that’s a Campfire thing).

As of late March 2019 we’ve got the following (kickass) amenities available to all our members:

  • A Gym;
  • An indoor football pitch;
  • A speakers podium that can accommodate over 140 people!
  • Private and shared offices spaces;
  • Kitchens, pantries, libraries, a meditation room and more…

Seriously. If you are seeking shared coworking space in Wong Chuk Hang then clearly you need to visit us to see how we can help you out.

A little history about Wong Chuk Hang for the history buffs

Wong Chuk Hang has always traditionally been an industrial and residential area in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island. However, that’s changed significantly over the last decade. Once a backwater far removed from the busier and more “busy” northern side of Hong Kong Island, Wong Chuk Hang has seen many phases of transformation.

Because land was less expensive in Wong Chuk Hang, many factories sprung up here from the 1930’s onwards but over time they moved to China. Of course, the repatriation of Hong Kong to mainland China sped that process up.

In a scene replicated in many other cities (New York’s ‘meat packing district’ and London’s Docklands are examples) Wong Chuk Hang developed from an industrial zone into a more ‘urban friendly’ area accommodating art galleries, fashion studios, cafes and coworking spaces (with Campfire being the first!).

The area is firmly becoming a preferred choice for SME’s to source affordable and flexible rent whilst remaining close to the main hub of Central and Admiralty.

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