Coworking isn’t just for startups anymore

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Coworking is for more than just startups.  “The future of work should not be dictated by space or place, but by the individual and tasks that he or she has to deliver,” says Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus.  Many companies are measuring employees by output and productivity, and not just by the hours spent sitting at a desk.

Deskmag says that people who work in coworking spaces report higher confidence in their workplace. Coworkers credit this result to the effects of community which guide individuals to collaborate with each other in their work.

Coworking spaces deliver specially tailored combination of shared space and private spaces.  Providers understand that business have a variety of functions which require different types of spaces.  Sometimes what you is need privacy to make phone call. Other times, you may need a conference room to make give a presentation, make a pitch, or host an team meeting.  Coworking spaces make sure to accommodate these needs.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about coworking spaces:

Why is coworking so popular?

This new way of working provides workers with an inspiring workspace that fuels creativity and is powered by the enthusiasm of its community.  It always provides a focused environment free from the distractions in your home or in coffee shops. It’s flexible – time wise as well as dollar wise.

What distinguishes one coworking space different from another?

Space providers pride themselves on the variety and relevance of the services they offer.  From designer ergonomic furniture to state of the art equipment and technology – services are one way spaces can distinguish themselves.

Another feature that makes a space stand out is location, location, location!  Accessibility is especially important for business that meet often with clients, investors, vendors or visitors commuting from other places.

Lastly, good working spaces are careful to curate their communities.  Entrepreneurial spirit is a strong force which is stronger when industry focused!  Industry focused spaces offer events and connections that are more relevant to your business.

What’s the difference between a good one and a bad one?

You can have all of the ingredients to build a great environment and still fail.  Why?  Because chemistry is everything.  Good coworking spaces combine relevant news and member updates, community events and involvement, as well as a space that is well cared for.  Additionally, a great space will actively engage its members to identify where it can improve further to keep themselves at the forefront of facilitating business success – whether your company is big or small.

Just like your business, coworking spaces have grown too.  They’re not just for startups anymore.

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