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You might be asking yourself or be interested in learning how to code. But for many people, they are hesitant to start for many reasons. So what’s the best time to start?

No, it is never too late to learn to code.
It really depends on what you want to do. If you just want to see your ideas done, but do not care that much about programming itself, then you would probably be better off teaming up with a good programmer and providing whatever skills you have that he or she does not.
On the other hand, you feel you are really interested in programming then, by all means, go ahead and take the plunge. However, bear in mind that it will take you more or less 10 years to become an expert. It does not really have anything to do with age, it’s just how much time people need to get excellent at something.

If you feel undecided about whether you are really interested in coding or not, give it a shot and find out. It only depends on your ability and interest. If you really like coding, then you can go for it.
As an example, I worked with someone who studied the liberal arts in his younger days but picked up programming later in life. By the time I met him, he was working as a Solutions Architect. He programmed as part of his job, but he also did a bit of planning with business folks. He was substantially older than the average software developer and honed much of his programming skills from building a relatively successful startup and taking on his own clients.
There are numerous languages in this field. Before starting, you must have an idea about these languages. You can take advice from an expert to choose the perfect one according to you.

Tips to learn the code at any age:

Do not be afraid of failures

Paradoxically, when it comes to code, one of the best indicators of success in code is being okay with failing. In starting, you have to face many challenges and failures. The key to being successful is being able to face these failures and then try again. So, prepare yourself mentally by remembering that every great coder has probably made the same mistake. And also remember that learning from your mistakes is incredibly effective in coding.

Focus on one skill at a time

You have probably already noticed that there is a lot to learn out there languages, frameworks, the latest tools, and trends. But if you want to learn then choose one thing at a time (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, or WordPress). And then start getting the fundamentals of it clearly before going on to the next topic.

Schedule your time to learn
Time management is the most important. You need to fix your time in your daily routine to learn to code. Just be sure to set a time for it and stick to your plan.

Work on live projects
As you learn a specific language, then start working on live projects. Building actual sites and solving existing problems help you to understand the concept deeply. There are programmers that help you to clear your doubts. And it is beneficial to you to build up confidence.

So it is clear that it is not too late to learn to code. It all depends on your dedications and efforts you make to learn it.

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